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Lockheed/Tamyundyne IF-37 Fireball

By Terry Miesle

The Lockheed/Tamyundyne IF-37 is a hybrid atmospheric/ vacuum capable interceptor. Unlike the Veritech Valkyries, it is a non-transformable, conventionally powered fighter aircraft capable of terrestrial landings. When serving in a vacuum, oxidizers are needed to burn the high-performance jet fuel. Massive tanks of this oxidizer are carried on upper fuselage hardpoints.

The Fireball was conceived as a point defence interceptor. It has become the interceptor of choice for orbiting platforms and planetary space stations. It may be armed with thermonuclear weapons or conventional missiles, and mounts two large lasers and one gatling gun. It boasts an artificial intelligence flight system which learns from its pilot, allowing anticipatory manoeuvring, pilot blackout recovery during high-g manoeuvres, and reduced pilot workload. The Fireball is very susceptible to enemy fire, however, due to its light weight and volatile fuels, lending an unwelcome connotation to its nickname.

Top View

Side View


Bottom View


Front Oblique View

Speed is the Fireball's primary attribute. No other fighter in current U.N. Spacy service can keep its pace. When severely threatened by true space fighters, the Fireball has the option of jettisoning its ordinance and retreating into the atmosphere, where it holds tremendous manoeuvring advantage with its flight surfaces.

The Fireball depicted in this 1/48 scale model was piloted by Lt. Gregory Lavender during the Zentradi assault on the Mars colony. Mars defence anticipated such an attack, and devised a brutal defence plan. The VF-215 Squadron was renamed and given a "Special Delivery" logo to reflect their new plan. It was from this battle that the Fireball gained the moniker "Flaming Arrow" in Zentradi parlance, who had never encountered a fighter built quite like it.

*See if you can identify all the different aircraft parts this kit was made from.

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