Starship Modeler Starfighter Contest Entry by John Flemming

Starship Modeler Starfighter Contest Entry


By John Flemming

side view
Thre-Quarter View

The STAR-1S L.A.C. (Light Attack Craft), shown here in 1/48 scale, is a space fighter of the 21st century. While capable of upper atmospheric flight, its main envelope of operation is the Earth-Moon corridor. A weapons pod is stored in the belly, below the pilot. The pod lowers to fire and can carry a variety of ordnance, including a laser system and conventional missiles. Whereas the 1S is a single seat craft, the 1D/T has a second crew member, seated directly behind the first. In the D model, they act as a RIO. In the T model, the instructor is seated in the rear, and a student pilots from the front cockpit.

This is a kit-bash from five models I had laying around, almost all were salvage jobs from kits built years ago. The main body and cockpit are from a Testor's® F-19, wings are from an F-15, engine nozzles are F-18. The little pods that are on the bottom, forming part of the engines, are from an F-14 Phoenix missile mounting system. The engine innards are from the Trek Defiant kit. The rest is sheet styrene, copious amounts of Bondo, CA glue, Squadron Green and White Putty, plus even more elbow grease. The decals are from the F-14, -15, and -18 kits.

If enough people like this little cutie, it may be kitted and become part of the MMI line in the early part of the second quarter of '99.

MORE VIEWS: Top, Bottom, and Rear.

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