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Starship Modeler Starfight Contest Entry


By John Douglass

I started off with a couple of basic shapes - the main body, and the head - sizing them and attaching them to create a body-and-shoulders with a kinda jawless fish-face hanging out in front. The excuse for having this over-hanging head was so that a mostly-exposed engine could be attached. But first I used plasticard to build a box to which I attached two cone-sections - the tops to artificial sweetener bottles. These, and the fins sticking out of them, were to be reminiscient of Boba Fett's ship, Slave I, which I have always considered to be one of the most original ship designs ever.

The engine was made from a contact container attached to a roll-on deodorant applicator. A few detail parts and square-crossection Evergreen plastic sections was the detailing for it. Because there was still some "head" hanging down beneath the engine, I added another contact container to be like a fuel tank. After these major components were assembled (though the engine I uncharacteristically left unattached until almost all the painting was done) I added more plasticard facades ostensibly to protect certain components, but actually to add more character to the ship. The guns were Evergreen-plastic cylinders, angled to fit, and to which I glued doll eyes. These doll eyes I use a lot. They come in a variety of sizes, packaged 4 to 50 per package. I usually snip-off the stem, using the rest for partially-exposed globes. In this case, I just mounted them backwards, using the ribbed stem for part of the guns.


Top/Front View

Another Top/Front View

Looks like a flea, doesn't it?

Business end


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