Entry in the Starfighter Contest

Starship Modeler Starfight Contest Entry


By John Douglass

I was jealous of a Floridian modeller (you know who you are), who's construction method insurred an organic look. I had also seen fabulous "ship shapes" in museums - animal skulls - and decided it was time to try one. I started with a 'Leggs-egg cranium, which I sanded-off a section of, where I attached another sweetener bottle top, to which in turn I attached triangular cross-sectioned beak. I sanded-out the nose and a section along the sides just to make it more interesting. And I'd hoped the pointies in the nose, along with the protruding guns, would reinforce the nostril-opening look of skulls. The other defining "This is what makes a skull a skull" shape to put in was cheek bones. I had a heck of a time designing an excuse to have cheek bones, electing eventually to make wings that from only an angle looked like they rejoined the skull. The paint scheme was selected to again reinforce the bone-look, though, had the ship cow-horns, I could have painted it Southwestern Blue and decorated it with oversized Indian-like symbols. Hmm... may yet, too...

Side View

Bottom View

Top/Front View

Rear View

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