Entry in the Starfighter Contest

Starship Modeler Starfight Contest Entry


By Ray Boemler

Ship Name: F.B.S. 1011001
Ship Class: Free Borg Security Pod
Crew: Three Borg with triax control

The first Borgs that were able to be separated from the collective established the seeds of freedom for a select group of Borg. This freedom has led to an experimental colony on Bartan 7. The colony is constantly under surveillance and contact with the Federation. Although there have been only four altercations with those who would see the Free Borg out of Federation space, those situations were handled by the Free Borg colony without bloodshed.

The only spaceship allowed to the Free Borg colony is their prototype security pod. This pod is equipped with a supra-resonating technology that disrupts energy constants and causes cascade failures to nearly all energy sources. The pod has no weapons beyond this supra-resonating array.

Free Borg Pod

Free Borg Pod

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