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Mar'kian Starfighter

By Ray Boemler

Ship Name: "Screamer"
Ship Class: Mar'kian starfighter
Crew: Pilot, engineer, navigator/communications technician

The Mar'kian Empire was ancient and nearing cultural chaos before first contact with the United Planets. This contact was the final step for this old and proud race; the ripple of misunderstanding had started a tidal wave of war.

The only small fighter class Mar'kian ships ever reported were the "Screamers". Since no formal communication was ever established, the Mar'kian language was a mystery. The "Screamer" title was bestowed upon the Mar'kian ships due to the affect that the ships themselves had on all humanoid life, at least among the UP races. At great distances an eerie howl could be felt and at close range many suffered a complete breakdown or even madness. This howl was attributed to the ships being at least semi- organic and possibly even alive. Every captured or salvaged Mar'kian ship had to be destroyed due to this constant affect on any and all UP races.

In truth the Mar'kian Empire nearly destroyed the United Planets in a few short years of conflict. Their ships were faster, more maneuverable, and had an almost impenetrable force field. In fact the only weakness that the "screamer" ships had were their lack of firepower, they had no guns of any kind. The "screamers" would pass a UP ship at full thrust and literally slice through the hull or any exposed superstructure. It was the introduction of rail technology that finally brought the "screamers" down.

The war was costly to both sides. The Mar'kian Empire was without recourse and surrendered; only to find out soon after that the United Planets had tapped all of their resources for one last push and could not have continued through another engagement.

All that remains of the Mar'kian "screamers" are the nightmares of those who survived.


Front View?

Rear View?  How does one tell?

Rear View

Side View

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