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United Planets Scout Corps Stinger

By Ray Boemler

Ship Name: Hornet 8080
Ship Class: United Planets Scout Corps Stinger
Crew: Pilot/gunner.

From 2107AD to 2115AD, the UPSC Stinger class was the utility craft for the corps. During the last three years the Stinger class, which was originally designed as a medium endurance scout ship, was converted into a fast attack fighter. This action was the turning point in the war with the Mar'kian.

Macro rail drivers and energy refracting field generators were installed on all of the remaining Stinger class ships. This new rail weapon technology turned the tide during the Mar'kian uprising.

All surviving Stinger class ships were granted to the UPSC pilots who served during the war. This fighter, the "Hornet", is registered to UPSC Major Jon Santini (ret). Major Santini was credited with thirty-eight successful missions and was awarded the Sol Star Cluster with honors.

Top View

Side View
Front View

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