Kirk Williams' Harper Lunar Fighter Entry in the Starfighter Contest

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Harper Lunar Fighter

By Kirk Williams

This ship, the Harper, is totally out of my own imagination. It is based in a time when Earth is fighting for control of the Moon. My fighter is a one man concept fighter, created by the Lunar rebels in 2050 for the war for independence from Earth. The paint scheme provides camouflage while on the Lunar surface, as well as when in space. The ship is angular to deflect radar, and is able to perform atmospheric flight, if needed. Power comes from two fusion engines, with the fuel being a deuterium\tritium mix mined from lunar regolith. Firepower comes from four forward mounted 90 degree laser cannons and one 360 degree plasma cannon turret. Secondary firepower is from eight forward-firing missile launchers.

I based the ship very loosely on the Star Wars® Y-Wing fighter. The engine is based on one of my own speculative designs for a fusion-powered engine. The body is constructed mostly from balsa, with a few pieces of sheet styrene. The engine nacelles are made from two gun oil bottles and two pill bottles, while the engine is made from a plastic container I got out of a 25 cent machine, a soccer ball from a foosball table, and a marble grindstone. The conduit is made from the insulation from a piece of copper wire. The gun barrels are made from Q-Tips with the cotton ends cut off, and the landing gear is made from pieces of plastic I-beam. The nacelle caps and the rear turret are made from halves of ping pong balls. The eight thrusters are made from a cut-up plastic wire tie. The cockpit windows are clear plastic I got from a CD case, and the interior of the cockpit is made from scrap balsa

Top Front View

Side View

Front View

Cockpit Detail.

Rear Boarding Ramp.

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