Jack Wendt's scratchbuilt Scorpion bomber .

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Scorpion Bomber

By Jack Wendt

One of the last series made by Gerry Anderson was "Space Precinct". It was a live show with humans and aliens. The lead character was a human cop. The show was kind of cheezy, but it beat reruns of "All in the Family." They had a cute robot, and a neat policecar.

The Scorpion appeared in only 1 segment for about 15-25 seconds. As usual, the model is vacuformed plastic over wood molds. I was fortunate enough to record this and played it over and over and over. This is begining to sound like a broken record, but I have NO information as to what the rear engine/s looked like as that area was never shown at all. I left an open rectanglar slot with a recessed area painted black.


 Side View

Oblique View

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