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Battlestar Pegasus

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By Dale Hawley

This is a 65+ hour build up of the 1/4105 scale Mobius Models Battlestar Pegasus. The kit was custom illuminated with a home-built 5v based system. I used the same assorted Microtivity 5mm LEDs, and .030 fiber optics purchased in bulk from The FiberOptic Store that was used in my Battlestar Galactica model. Several of the landing lights actually cycle on and off.

The primary color was airbrushed Tamya Gunmetal, with silver and brown drybrushing and a very light "wash" of custom blended "silvery/rust" to give it a slightly different appearance from the Galactica.

This is an astoundingly solid model, I swear you could beat a Cylon over the head with it! The two models (Galactica and Pegasus) are in the same scale and look really nice when displayed together. Some photos were retouched to remove the display stand and darken the background but no touch ups were done to the actual models.

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