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Even though there may be a review of one kit somewhere else on the site, it's often helpful to see how other people made their model. It can give us new ideas, initiate discussion about how certain bits were done, and inspire us to build something like what we see. This section is dedicated toward that end.

Do you have pictures you'd like to submit? Just follow our easy submission guidelines.

Please Note: Gallery entries are posted in the order they were received. Please be patient - your submission will be posted, when its turn comes up.

Last update 15 September 2016 (scroll down)

New This Week

Kit Name


Kit Name


Gundam Air Master

Dominic Handl

Gundam Exia

Dominic Handl

Johnny Ridden's Zaku v2.0

Dominic Handl

EAS Agincourt and EAS Jeanne d'Arc

David Hanners

Boeing 747SP SOFIA

David Hanners

Papercraft Saturn 1B & Atlas

David Hanners

Papercraft Discovery

Dan King

USS Enterprise F

George Winder

Riddlermobile & Batmobile

Jürgen Rath

Space Shuttle Discovery

Michael Scarola

Battle of Yavin IV

Pierluigi Querceti

Bandai 1/72 scale Y-Wing

Thomas Peters


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Blast From The Past

Kit Name


Kit Name


Star Wars TIE Bomber

Felipe Gonzáles

Gundam H-ARMS Custom


Toad Armor

Bill Adams

Black Widow Starfury

Clyde Jones

Various Spacemam 'furies


Sinclair's Line Fighter

Laura M. Appelbaum

'Old No. 60'

Neil Prentice

Various Starfuries

Paul Heaberlin

Sinclair's B5 Fighter

Terry Miesle and Walt Gay

Aliens Models


Colonial Vipers

Gary Rose

Runabout Rio Grande

Jeff Alger


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