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Even though there may be a review of one kit somewhere else on the site, it's often helpful to see how other people made their model. It can give us new ideas, initiate discussion about how certain bits were done, and inspire us to build something like what we see. This section is dedicated toward that end.

Do you have pictures you'd like to submit? Just follow our easy submission guidelines.

Please Note: Gallery entries are posted in the order they were received. Please be patient - your submission will be posted, when its turn comes up.

Last update 13 May 2016 (scroll down)

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Kit Name


Kit Name


Scratchbuilt Space Explorer

Charles Henderson

Thor's Hammer

Charles Henderson

IPMS/Butch O'Hare '99

Chad Ryan

USS Jericho NCC-70636

Chris St. John

USS Mercy and USS Dirac

Chris St. John

USS Jezebel NCC-98632

Chris St. John

USS Demeter NCC-30097

Chris St. John

USS Jòga NCC-99007

Chris St. John

Various Robots

Carlos Zangrando

Presidential Escort Starfury

David Aungst

Mornet & Roland

Craig York

Flash's Fighter

Clyde Jones


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