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Even though there may be a review of one kit somewhere else on the site, it's often helpful to see how other people made their model. It can give us new ideas, initiate discussion about how certain bits were done, and inspire us to build something like what we see. This section is dedicated toward that end.

Do you have pictures you'd like to submit? Just follow our easy submission guidelines.

Please Note: Gallery entries are posted in the order they were received. We get dozens of submissions per week, which means there is always a backlog waiting to be put online. This wait can be anywhere between two and 12 weeks, depending how swamped we are.

Please be patient - your submission will be posted, when its turn comes up.

Last update 21 March 2015 (scroll down)

New This Week

Kit Name Modeler Kit Name Modeler
TIE Rum Runner Bickleman Industria Mechanika's Rook Claude Mathelin
Mon Calamari MC-80 Liberty Class Cruiser D.S.Attree YT-1300 Kestrel John Klein
Revell X-Wing (Easykit) Massimo Sora 2nd Pilot Enterprise Michael Scarola
Republic Star Destroyer Mike Walston USS Enterprise Ronald Purviance
Bakura-Class Destroyer Rafael Diges Sanz Klingon Bird of Prey Steve Jurgens
1/72 Vipers Sam Sprayberry 1/2500 scale Task Force Bravo Thomas Duyen

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New Last Week

Kit Name Modeler Kit Name Modeler
Scratchbuilt Viper MK 2 Anthony Santos Papercraft Millenium Falcon Bernard Szukiel
Phoenix Guy Caulfield USS Reliant - Near Miss Mike Walston
Good shooting, Wedge Mike Walston Dune Ornithopter Mike Walston
SHD-66 Shadow Droid Rafael Diges Sanz The Owen Hardy Rick Thomas
Titan III with X-20 Dynasoar Steven A Gallacci Cardassian Galor Battleship Steve Rosario
Moebius Original Cylon Raider Sam Sprayberry 1/350 USS Enterprise Trekmodeler Team

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