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Studio Starforge UN SPACY Pilots in 1/72

By John Lester - images & text © 2008

Scale: 1/72
Parts: 6 per set
Instructions: 1 small generic sheet
Decals: Waterslide
Molding Quality: 9 - no issues
Detail: 9 - very nicely done for the scale
Accuracy: Not rated
MSRP: $10.00 USD (~$11.92 CAN/ € 7.54 EUR) available from Studio Starforge
Overall Rating: 9 - a worthy addition to your Valkyrie kits

[Package art]

Image: Sturdy packaging keeps the little guys safe

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^ Female pilot set

Image: Closer look

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^ Male pilots - you get six ... one of mine has escaped into the chaos of my workbench.

Image: Closer look

Image: Size comparison with Hasegawa kit pilot

Image: Decals

Studio Starforge have released male and female UN SPACY pilots/officers in 1/72 scale. While intended to fit the various Hasegawa Valkyries, the may be used in many other 1/72 craft.

What You Get

Each set consists of six resin figures, 2 standing and four seated, packed snuggly in styrofoam. All are based on the TV series style, which are a bit different to the Movie-style helmet and flight suit.

The Females set includes

  • Two seated figures with the classic Valkyrie pilot 'fighter' helmet, just without the visor.
  • Two seated figures with the 'Civilian-style' helmet that we see in a few episodes. Lisa Hayes and Minmei wore one whenever they sat backseat in a Valkyrie, or on a shuttle, etc.
  • One standing pilot with civilian-style helmet, and
  • One standing officer in regular uniform (skirt/blouse)

The Males set includes -

  • Two seated figures with the classic Valkyrie pilot 'fighter' helmet, just without the visor.
  • Two seated figures with the classic Valkyrie pilot 'fighter' helmet, with the visor.
  • One standing figure with helmet and visor, and
  • One standing figure with his helmet tucked under one arm

Each set also includes a sheet of waterslide decals (Mars Base markings for the females and Alaska Base for the males). In addition to the base logos, each set has a couple rows of kill markings.

General instructions, which double as a wrapper for the styrofoam packing, round out each set. These include general tips for working with resin and decals, plus tips on fitting the pilots into cockpits. There is no painting guide.

Casting on the figures is excellent, with no pits or bubbles an only a small amount of flash. Detail is sharp and clean - right down to the facial features on those figures without lowered visors. Size-wise, they are comparable to the Hasegawa USAF pilots/ground crew set, if a bit skinnier (probably appropriate for anime teenagers....) - and slightly beefier than the pilots that come with the Hasegawa VF-1 series kits.

The decals are crisply printed with good color density and registration.

Fit & Finish

As the instructions point out, “seating at this scale varies dramatically in dimension” - it only takes fractions of millimeters to make dramatic differences in fit. The seated pilots are missing their lower legs for precisely this reason, which is fine because in most cases the lower legs would be hidden under an instrument panel anyway. Judicious sanding of their butts will get them to fit under almost any canopy - of the VF-1 and VF-0 series from Hasegawa anyway. I imagine this is also true for the older Bandai kits. However, I have verified that - as the instructions state - they are too large for the new VF-25 'Messiah Valkyrie' series from Bandai.

Just about the only quibble I have with either set is that the seated poses are pretty static: eyes front, hands on knees. I would prefer separate arms and heads so I could pose them. However, I also understand that would make casting more difficult - and given the problems I had with the Hasegawa VF-1 pilots, it's probably a very good thing there are no teeny-tiny arms and heads to lose to the carpet monster.


Overall, I like both sets. They provide some variety for the front office of the Hasegawa Valkyries, as well as other 1/72 Macross subjects (looks like they'll fit Moscato's Commanchero as well). As a pretty much drop-fit, they should present no problems (other than detail painting!) to modeler's of all skill levels.

Highly recommended!

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