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BenchComix's 1/7 Sara Nome

By Jesse Myers - images & text © 2005

Scale: 1/7th scale - about 10"/ 250mm tall when completed
Parts: 14 resin
Instructions: single page instructions included with the kit
Decals: N/A
Molding Quality: 9 This kit is very well cast. Minor sprues to clean up. Minimal seam lines, no flash.
Detail: 9 I love the detail on this kit. It is sharp and intricate.
Accuracy: 9+ I love the accuracy of this kit to the character in feel and intent.
MSRP: $40.00 USD (~$54.71 CAN/ 37.29 EUR) available from BenchComix
Overall Rating: 9. This is a GREAT little kit.

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^ What you get

Image: Head and hand

Image: Hair and ornament detail

Image: Dress detail

Image: More detail

When I first saw this 1/7 Sara Nome resin figure model I was very excited to say the least. First, a little about me to set the stage:

I'm a thirty something father of two children. My wife is wonderful, my kids are wonderful, and I strive to set a good example. Based mainly on my situation, I have stayed away from most figure models. I have come to realize I like to paint and display small SciFi and anime figures, but when it comes to models I stayed away from most because of the way they are often represented. You see, many of the models that depict female anime characters are not suitable for kids. I, mostly, feel comfortable watching Macross 0 with my 8 year old son and 3 year old daughter, but I would not be comfortable displaying a kit depicting Sara as a bodacious vixen or worse (many times much much worse!). (as much as I appreciate vixens! ) So, I stayed away. Then comes along this perfect little kit. It's anime accurate, and depicts Sara as I saw her. A heroine who is attractive, strong, and emotionally torn. All in a kit that is well done, accurate, and acceptable...all awesome things!

What You Get

The kit comes with lots of cool added details. Of the few figure kits I do have, I've been burned a couple times. I'm normally sucked in by finished shots that show details that are all paint. In this kit that isn't the case. The fine detailing of her dress, amulet, and beadwork are all finely etched into the actual resin kit. This detail will make it a lot easier for me to paint accurately and effective. Even the eyes are clearly outlined. I think I may fill them in with a clear resin to get a cool shine to her eyes...and this is so much easier with the kit detail as opposed to me trying to paint to matching eyes on a flat face.

The kit is simple, with only 14 pieces. I do like the fact that the details like the amulet are separate and easy to paint and then attach. The kit is crisply cast. I don't see any air-bubbles, no flash, and only minimal pour sprues which will be easy to clip and sand. Holes have been preset so I know exactly where to put pins for the legs and arms.


This is a great kit, which I fully endorse. This site contains more information about the kit, or you can email for more information.

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