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Looking for an out of production, not-sold-in-this-country, or otherwise hard-to-find, kit? Need a conversion or unique parts or tools? You've come to the right place. Here's how it works: if you are looking for something, or have something you'd like to trade or sell, use this form to send us the details (or e-mail us direct if it doesn't, for some reason, work). We'll post them here for one month or until you e-mail us again and tell us the deal is done.

Please Note! We expect y'all to carry on honest dealing here. Should the someone cause a problem twice, they will be barred from this page forever, and a warning posted advising folks not to deal with them.

Looking for someone to build models for you? We have a list of folks who will do that. Willing to build kits for other people - for a modest fee? Contact us to have your name listed.

To the dumbass with the fake gmail addresses trying to advertise Accutane and various types of insurance: I delete your spam as soon as you send it. It never gets viewed, and your attempts at SQL injection aren't working either. Save us both the wasted time and go somewhere else. Better yet, get a real job - Wal-Mart is always hiring.

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