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Looking for an out of production, not-sold-in-this-country, or otherwise hard-to-find, kit? Need a conversion or unique parts or tools? You've come to the right place. Here's how it works: if you are looking for something, or have something you'd like to trade or sell, use this form to send us the details (or e-mail us direct if it doesn't, for some reason, work). We'll post them here for one month or until you e-mail us again and tell us the deal is done.

Please Note! We expect y'all to carry on honest dealing here. Should the someone cause a problem twice, they will be barred from this page forever, and a warning posted advising folks not to deal with them.

Looking for someone to build models for you? We have a list of folks who will do that. Willing to build kits for other people - for a modest fee? Contact us to have your name listed.






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Thanks! Just click "Submit" (once!) and your input is on it's way!

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