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Fusion Models Interview

By Rob Caswell - images and text copyright © 1998 Starship Modeler.

A set of molds from an upcoming project. Molds and castings from an upcoming support product for Dream Pod 9.

Pathfinder Parts. An array of master parts from the upcoming Jovian Chronicles™ Pathfinder kit. Photo © Fusion Models.

Scratchbuilt lifepod. This vessel is one of Alain's many scratchbuilt spacecraft.

RC: What releases are looming on the horizon? The Kodiak was a beautiful kit - any more Heavy Gear® releases planned? And what's next on your plate?

AG: I can say that a number of kits are planned, some being additional detail sets for the Kodiak (a Duelist Custom conversion set and another weapon set). Masters are also being made for the next 1/35 scale Heavy Gear release, to give the Kodiak some opposition (smile).

Soon, however, we'll be releasing a second kit in the Jovian Chronicles™ line: the EAL-04 Pathfinder Alpha. It's a really elegant mecha design, again in 1/200 scale. This kit will feature a higher level of detail, but at the same price as the Syreen.

RC: What's the relationship between Fusion and Dream Pod 9? Is Fusion a subsidary of DP9?

AG: Fusion Models and Dream Pod 9 are separate companies, but we have a close relationship. All models are made by Fusion but are sold through DP9's wide distribution network. DP9 also helps with the box top and instructions' graphic design. They are very generous in terms of information (books and unpublished drawings and schematics), so all models based on their properties are as accurate as possible.

There's nothing preventing Fusion from doing models not based on DP9's material, but the universes they create are fascinating. To me, their designs (Gears, aircraft, spacecraft, etc.) translate into fabulous science fiction models, so you can expect a number of new Fusion kits based on DP9's works.

RC: Your site mentioned "historical subjects". What do you have in mind, for this area?

AG: I've always been interested in aircraft, and I'm considering adding an aircraft line to Fusion's catalog. It's a bit too early to say what models we have in mind, but being a 1/48 scale fan, they will probably be in that scale. Ground equipment and crew figures are also a possibility.

RC: If you could produce kits from ANY license - and price was not an issue - which one would you choose?

AG: Mmm... hard to say. There are so many interesting designs out there. Well, if licensing was not an issue, I'd love to do some *really* detailed Star Wars® models, or some of the vehicles from the Alien® universe. There are also quite a few Gerry Anderson designs I wouldn't mind getting a shot at...

RC: What's your sci-fi background? Any favorite shows, games, or authors?

AG: As a kid I watched all the Gerry Anderson shows from Rocketship (Fireball) XL-5™ to Space 1999™, with UFO™ being my favorite (and not just because of the mini-skirted and purple-haired ladies on Moonbase, either!). Star Wars® also made a big impression on me at the time, but I have to say I seriously got into science fiction by reading French SF graphic novels by the like of Moebius and Druillet. Such fabulous visual imagination! I've also enjoyed reading Asimov's Foundation novels and other short stories.

I don't get to see much of what's new in the science fiction world now (I haven't seen any of the recent productions such as Starship Troopers™ or Lost in Space®, for example). I'm much too busy creating my own little bit of SF myself!

A special thanks to Marc Vezina for arranging this interview.

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