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Toy or Model? Star Wars Jedi Starfighter

By Clyde Jones - images & text © 2002

Cruising the toy isles of Wally-World - er Wal-Mart - I found a new item: A 'Jedi Starfighter™' from Hasbro. It's a very nice 'toy' very close to injected model quality, allowing for things like screws visible on the bottom for assembly, and two 'launch' buttons on the back of the 'wings' for firing 'missiles'. Oh, and the button on the bottom that ejects the wing shrouds from around the hidden weapon bays and allows the wing tip 'stabilizers' to pop out.

[Click to enlarge]



[Front view, grounded]

[Rear view, in flight mode]


^ Flight mode
It's about 14 inches long - in scale with the action figures (none of which accompany the model).

This model has two modes. "Flight" for normal Jedi prowling around in odd hot spots of the galaxy, and "Fight" mode for when they're noticed by unfriendly forces. Yes, the 'weapons' are a bit soft in their detail, but not bad. And the detail at the trailing edge of the 'wings' is quite nice. There is even a lot of 'weathering' detail on the kit - er toy - indicating that it has been through a bit of 'action'.

The cockpit opens, has little detail, but there are stickers for control consoles and 'greeblies' on the wall. There is also a landing skid that unfolds from the bottom at the front for landing. Also there is a movable 'headrest' in the cockpit.

No, it's not an injection kit. And the leading edges are flat where the original is probably sharp, but it is a good model nonetheless, and the painting is quite complex and acceptable.

Since no one is known to be coming out with injection kits of ANYTHING Star Warz in the near future, I guess we have a choice between scratch building and doing some work on this nice 'toy'.

Or both.

Go. Seek. Buy you will.

Image: Closer look at the cockpit area, fighter mode

Image: Side view, flight mode

Image: Perspective view, flight mode

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