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Raumpatrouille ORION Paper Model

By Marco Scheloske - images & text © 2003

Once upon a time space was black and white...

"What today sounds like a fairytale could be reality tomorrow.
Here is a fairytale from the day after tomorrow:
There are no nations anymore.
There is the united mankind and their colonies in space.
Distant stars has been settled. The oceanground has been developed as living space.
Spaceships are travelling through our galaxy with today unimaginable speed . One of those ships is the ORION.
A small part of a giant security-system, which protect earth against menaces from outer space.
Let us accompany the ORION and her crew at their patrol service at the rim of infinity..."

[Top view]

[Side view, on stand]

Image: Side view

Image: Display stand

So goes the introduction of the german 7-episode series "Raumpatrouille - die fantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffs ORION" ("Space Patrol - the fantastic adventures of the spaceship ORION" - NOT the 50ies US-series!). First aired 17.09.1966 - and NOT a copy of "Star Trek", but a parallel development. ORION never made it to the USA, but maybe some of you may know it - as i know the classic "Lost in space" which has never made it to Germany ...

First part of the "Fast Space Formation" the ORION and her crew was transfered for disciplinary reasons to the "Space Patrol", because of too many high-handed actions by her commanding officer, Commander Cliff Allister McLane - what is finally a stroke of luck for earth, the universe and all the rest...

I found an interesting article on the german website about modeling the ORION, and so I decided to make a cardboard-model from her so that not only I can have my personal ORION, but other fans too.

The model does not have too many parts, but it is a bit difficult to build here and there and some experience in paper-modeling is not too bad. Take your time, and the result will be a nice little model of this classic spaceship.

A little word to the scale: Depending on which source about the dimensions of the „Original-ORION" you will believe the scale of the finished model is either approximately 1:500 or 1:1000 (sometimes the diameter of the ship is given with 70 meters, sometimes with 150.). Interesting in this connection is a statement of a FX-technican who worked at the series: „Forget the given dimensions. Important was only the visual effect to the viewer." That says all...

Instructions and a couple of pictures are involved in the sheets, so it should be not a great problem to build your own ORION.

Click here to download the file. (Acrobat PDF format)

Important copyright notice: No commercial interests are connected with this model. The files or possible prints of them are only allowed to be given away for personal uses only without any payment. Prints are only allowed to be made for personal use only. Selling, renting or any other commercial use is strictly forbidden. All copyrights of the series „Raumpatrouille" and all connected terms and designs are in the hand of BAVARIA.

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