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PNT Models' Avenger and Indomitable Class
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By Darren Bertrand - images & text © 2003

Scale: 1/2500 - - Indomitable: 5"/127mm, Avenger: 3½"/89mm (approximately)
Parts: 4 resin pieces (both models)
Instructions: Assembly instructions on package card, separate printed decal placement instructions included inside.
Decals: Waterslide; markings for six ships (each.)
Molding Quality: 9 - Extremely crisp and clear for models at this scale. Heavy mold seams though. Minimal bubbles - 3 between the two ships. Some warping on the thin pieces.
Detail: 9 - Awesome detail for this scale. Very sharp.
Accuracy: 9 - Looks good to me. Saucers lack engraved panel lines, though this is debatable as to its necessity at this scale.
MSRP: $8.95 (Avenger)/$10.95 (Indomitable) USD (~$ 11.86/14.50 CAN/ 7.16 /8.77 EUR) plus shipping, available from PNT Models
Overall Rating: 10 - Well worth the price.

These models come in ziplock bags stapled to paper cards. The assembly instructions are printed on this card and are minimal (quick line drawing and some notes on painting) but are adequate for the simple kits. Inside is the model , decals, and decal instructions - a black and white photocopy of the CG images from the manufacturer's website.

Each model is in four pieces. Each piece is cast in a different color - I have no idea why. The resin used is top notch and has a dull, non-slippery surface that will definitely aid in paint adhesion. Mold lines are on all pieces but should not pose a problem. Heavy flashing on the Indomitable's primary hull, the Avenger's (Yes, its actually a Miranda class...copyright and all that!) main hull, and all nacelles will require careful removal as to the proximity to detail and the models' size.

[Click to enlarge]

^ Avenger, in pieces

Image: Bridge detail

Image: Impulse engine details

[Click to enlarge)

^ Indomitable, in pieces
There is also considerable warpage in the thin areas - all nacelles, Avenger's photon torpedo bar, and the Indomitable's warp pylons - that will require some heating and bending. Fit of all pieces is good and will require no putty if I'm careful.

Assembly will be most touchy with the Avenger and its warp pylons and roll bar. I strongly recommend a test fit but leaving assembly to post painting for both models. You'll break them apart with any extensive handling.

The decals are a pleasant feature of both kits. Each sheet includes markings for six vessels as well as windows and surface markings. Though they will be tough to handle at the size, I believe the final affect will be most worth it. Good stuff guys!


I can't stress the quality of these kits for their price. I'm very happy! Once clean up takes place the actual assembly will be a breeze and I anticipate that the most fun will come in the painting and detailing. No base, though, and that is a shame because these little guys will need one. I hope PNT come out with more ships at this scale and quality. Highly recommenced!

Image: Indomitable nacelle

Image: Saucer section

Image: Secondary hull. Note the slightly warped nacelle strut

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