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Ravenstar Studios 1/2500 Archer-class Border Cutter Preview

By Daniel Trescott - images & text © 2005

Scale: 1/2500
Parts: Resin, 9 pieces - three main hulls and three pairs of nacelles
Instructions: None
Decals: None
Molding Quality: 9-Very little flash, no bubbles
Detail: 9-Excellent detailing, due to the, size some the details on the warp engines are lost
Accuracy: N/A - these are original designs
MSRP: $10.00 USD (~$12.34 CAN/ 8.24EUR) available from Ravenstar Studios
Overall Rating: 9- a great buy and good addition to anyone's Star Trek collection

[Ravenstar promo image]

When Ravenstar Studios began producing a line of 1/2500th scale models a few months ago, one of these new offerings was a smaller version of the popular Archer Class Border Cutter.

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^ Bottom sides

Image: Tops

Image: Fronts

"Smaller than the Defiant Class but larger than the Maquis' Raiders, the Cutters are designed to use established space stations as home bases, the limited crew facilities not allowing for extended interstellar missions. Acknowledging the possibility of the small Cutters having to answer distress calls in unfriendly sectors, Starfleet outfitted the vessels with an impressive armament for its size".(from Ravenstar's description of the Archer class Border Cutter).

What You Get

What you get with this version of the Archer class Border Cutter is a main hull and two warp engines. There are no instructions or decals included with the kit. The casting of this kit is excellent; there is a little flash, mostly around the warp nacelles and some on the warp engines. I could not find any bubbles on any of the pieces I received. The details are crisp and clean. The only problem with any detailing comes with the warp engines, some of the detail is lost due to their size.

This set is very reasonably priced, especially for those modelers on a budget. In fact when you order the Archer, you get three kits for the $10+shipping price tag. Due to its size, I would recommend the Archer for those who have already had experience with resin or small kits. The one thing both of these kits do lack is decals, though with aftermarket decal makers, such as PNT Models and JT Graphics, finding decals for this kit shouldn't be too difficult.


Overall, this kit is an excellent buy and is a good kit for a moderate level model builder, and is a great place to start a 1/2500th collection. So, go on out and buy a few of these kits or some of the other 1/2500th scale kits that Ravenstar is producing, you won't be sorry. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some models to build .....

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