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VA Miniatures' Jenghiz Class Destroyer

By Eric 'lakespeed' Lakie - images & text © 2005

Scale: 1/2500
Parts: 2 resin- saucer section and neck/warp engine
Instructions: Basic 1 page assembly and decal placement diagram
Decals: Alps printed waterslide, for 1 ship NCC-551 USS Achilles
Molding Quality: 8 - Some flash and pour stubs
Detail: 8 - Very nice detail for a basic style kit
Accuracy: 9 - Looks very good proportionally next to the Enterprise-A
MSRP: $9.00 USD (~$11.13 CAN/ 7.54 EUR) available from Federation Models
Overall Rating: 8.5 - A good quick 1 day build or a nice starter kit for the novice resin builder

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The Jenghiz Class Destroyer was originally conceived as a Franz Joseph design from the TOS Era of Star Trek, upgraded to the Movie Era when the Constitution Class went through a refit period with new warp engines and rebuilt saucer sections.

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^ What you get

Image: With JTGraphics' decals

^ Assembled, head on view

Image: Port side

Image: Completed, with ERTL 1/2500 Enterprise-A

Designed as an escort to the larger Cruiser and Dreadnaught designs, these ships patrolled out ahead of the main fleets with their sensors on full tilt looking for the enemy. This kit looks pretty accurate compared to the Jackill's Reference Material I have seen.

What You Get

This is a very basic kit. You get the saucer section and a neck/warp engine piece. You also get a nice set of ALPS printed decals. There's also an instruction sheet showing simple placement of the decals you are given and attachment point of the neck onto the saucer.


The first step I took was to wash the kit in some resin cleaner and scrub the parts with a toothbrush to remove all of the mold release on the kit. Without doing this the paint won't stick. I then let them air dry. The next step I took was to remove the pour stubs and any other areas that had a little resin flash on them. The only glaring fault of the kit is the raised shuttlebay detail on the saucer. While I love and applaud the efforts to show great details in this scale, it's just way to large with the panel lines. I sanded this down flush with the hull knowing that I would use JTGraphics decal set on this kit, which included a decal for the shuttlebay.After I sanded eveything down to where I wanted it I gave the kit another quick wash to remove any resin dust and then when it was dry I glued the saucer and neck together. Pretty straight forward and a pretty good fit.

After I let her dry overnight, I added a little of Squadron's Green putty to a few small areas that needed it. Here I first tried a new technique I learned from our very own Dr. Yo (from the Discussion Forums), I used a Q-Tip to apply a little nail polish remover to the areas I applied putty to to smooth them out and make an easier time sanding. It worked like a charm, I gave a little touch sanding here and there, and then I was ready for paint.

Painting and Finishing

I sprayed a nice light coat of Krylon Gray primer underneath and let here dry. I checked my coverage and saw there was no peeling or flaking so now she was ready for paint. I used a custom mix of white, duck egg blue, and a drop of silver to paint here. After she dried, I painted the front of the warp grills black and she was done. I decided to spice my Jenghiz up and used JTGraphics excellent decals sheet for the Jenghiz Class Destroyers (MSRP $10.00 and available through Federation Models). The sheet includes many staples such as the neck pinstriping, warp nacelle grilles, and, of course, windows. You also get markings for 5 different vessels. I chose to make mine the USS Saladin, NCC-500. Before I applied the decals I gave her a quick coat of gloss, then let her dry. I applied all of the appropiate decals and then used Micro-Set to keep them in place. JTGraphics decals went on nice and smooth and I didn't even break any. After she was all dried up a quick coat of dullcoat and she was all ready for her shakedown cruise.


A really nice kit and decal set to add a ship to my fleet. Well worth the cost in my opinion and a very easy build even for someone not so skilled in resin. Many thanks to my wallet who provided the kit and decals for this build.

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