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Odyssey Slipways' 1/2500 Raven

By Garry Stahl - images & text © 2007

Scale: 1/2500 - about 1½"/ 38mm long
Parts: 3 resin (6 total with two kits)
Instructions: One sheet, glued to the package.
Decals: None
Molding Quality: 8 -very good
Detail: 9 - Excellent
Accuracy: Not rated (see review)
MSRP: $18.00 USD (~$19.52 CAN/ 13.37 EUR) available from Starship Modeler
Overall Rating: 9

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^ What you get

Image: Top view

Image: Bottom view

Image: Nacelles

My latest acquisition is the Raven science ship from Odyssey Slipways. This is the smallest 1/2500 scale model I have bought. The model itself is not quite an inch and a half long. They come packaged two to the pack.

The model itself is the usual light beige resin. It is smooth, firm and oder free. I was informed that I had the first good cast from the mold, so wear is not an issue. There is a slight amount of flash at the centerline.

Instructions consist of a single label showing the proper alignment of the nacelles. It is fairly apparent without same, but it is always nice to know. These will be attached to the back of the package. Mine did not include this as I was impatient.

I am not judging the ship on accuracy as I didn't see the episode of Voyager that featured it. It is however a nice little model. I don't know if I would want them much smaller.


I consider the pack a good value for the money and up to the usual high standard of Odyssey Slipways. The only thing I can think of that would improve this ship, and every ship that Odyssey Slipways makes would be decals. Decals make these little ships pop.

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