Kit preview of Starcrafts' 1/1400 TOS Enterprise.

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Starcrafts' 1/1400 TOS Enterprise

By Garry Stahl - images & text © 2002

Scale: 1/1400 - about 9"/ 22.9cm long when assembled
Parts: 5 resin + resin base
Instructions: Single 1/8 sheet.
Decals: ALPS-printed waterslide, markings for four ships
Molding Quality: 6 - Decent; some bubbles in troublesome spots and lots of flash.
Detail: 8 - Excellent detail throughout
Accuracy: 8 - It looks good compared to the reference shots I have seen.
MSRP: $ 35.00 USD (~ $ 54.65 CAN/ 38.76 EUR) (plus postage) available from Federation Models
Overall Rating: 8 - A nice kit all around

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I decided to acquire a copy of this kit to build (once again) my favorite named ship, the USS Kongo.

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I had the Kongo at one time from the AMT/ETRL three ship set (Enterprise, Klingon and Romulan). However, it took a fall and broke beyond repair. Starcafts having gained a good reputation in this website, I decided to try their 1/1400 scale Constution class for my build.

I ordered my model form Federation Models as Starcrafts does not sell direct (I prefer to buy direct form the manufacture if possible). I ordered on the Friday and got the model on Tuesday next. Kudos to Federation Models for a quick order turnaround.

The model was packed loose in a sturdy cardboard box (pictured) stuffed with styrofoam peanuts. The parts where not bagged or otherwise protected within the box. I consider this a minor problem. Minor because nothing was broken. Had something been broken I would have a problem. Starcrafts, please invest in some poly bags.

Within the box were 6 pieces of cream colored resin. There are two nacelles and pylons, the primary saucer with pylon, the secondary hull, and the deflector dish. Also included was an arrowhead base. All parts have good, sharp detail, what little exists on this model.

There was much flash in evidence. The only good thing about this is most was what I call "fingernail flash": flash so light you can scrape it off with your fingernail. The worst of the flash is on the deflector dish. It is covered in flash and mold runners. The nacelles have a mold line that will have to be removed. One of the nacelle pylons is slightly bent and will have to be straightened. There is only one bubble I noticed and it is in a bad spot having broken out on one of the nacelle intercoolers. This will be a difficult repair. Casting quality is otherwise acceptable.

I test fitted all parts but the deflector dish, which must be dug out of the flash. They drop together freely, but the fit is loose. Assembly will either require epoxy or gap filling CA. The instructions are minimal, merely a guide on how to build any resin model on a small slip of paper. To the defense of Starcrafts, anyone that cannot assemble this model has been living in a cave. Five pieces and all locations apparent.

The decals consist of one small ALPS-printed waterslide sheet. The decals cover names and numbers for four ships: the Enterprise, Lexington, Intrepid, and Potemkin. The decals are correct to the studio model style, not a scaled down knockoff of the incorrect AMT/ERTL decals. I will be getting custom decals for this model as I wish something slightly different.

My general impression is a slightly aged mold that is a good buy for the money. The subject is well represented in the most popular Star Trek scale and a good addition to any 1/1400 collection. It's a must-have for the 1/1400 Star Trek collector. I would consider this an excellent first resin kit for someone that wishes to get their feet wet in the resin pool.

My plans for this model included some slight modification to represent a starship of the time between the end of TOS and ST:TMP, perhaps a Constution upgrade less drastic than what we see in the film. I will document this build and report on it in due time.

You can see more of Garry's work at his website: The Olde Phoenix Inn.

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