Kit preview of Monogram's "Mini" Voyager.

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Revell-Monogram "Mini" Voyager Preview

By Josh Albright - images & text © 2000

Scale: None stated - 2 1/2 inches long assembled
Parts: 10 injection molded styrene
Instructions: Inside cover of box.
Decals: Pre-positioned stickers
Molding Quality: 7 - decent, but nothing special
Detail: 5 - What little detail is present is sufficient for the scale.
Accuracy: 8 - nothing I can see wrong.
MSRP: $2.99 USD (Mine were $.25 from a friend in Germany), still available at discount stores and hobby shops though out of production now.
Overall Rating: 9 - Good starter kit for any age; a confidence building 15 minute project.

[Little bitty build-up]

This kit goes to show that we've probably gotten too lazy. It's entirely snap together and the decals are printed on the pieces.

[Top of primary hull]

[Parts is parts]

[Secondary hull]

Either way, this is a good model for anyone. It's tiny and really easy to construct. The only problem I had was with the secondary hull. The two pieces didn't fit right until I cut the alingment pins off.

The plastic is molded in the color of the ship so (theoretically) no painting was required. Since there's no painting guide and the "decals" are already on it, I don't think that Revell ever intended it to be painted.

Since the detail is poor, painting certian items (windows, nacelles, deflector dish) would help make the model come alive. I plan on doing it myself. As for the rest, there's a cheap base included and it does the job.

Overall, it was worth it (should be, if all you paid was a quarter! - Ed.). Finding it wasn't easy, since the kit is now discontinued. If you find one, get's a boat load of fun that fits in your pocket, and is the perfect size for all sorts of dioramas.

Many thanks to the change that fell behind the sofa cushions at Josh's house for providing the review sample. Manufacturers and retailers, interested in getting your wares reviewed and publicized on a site averaging 2000+ readers a day? Contact us!

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