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Delta Quadrant Models 1/2500 Vulcan Surak-Class Starship
Kit Preview

By Jeffrey Griffin - images & text © 2010

Scale: 1/2500 - right at 5.5" / 13.97cm long, ring diameter 1.25" / 3.17cm
Parts: 6 resin, which includes main hull, two annular warp engine halves and three thrusters (no base) .
Instructions: One page, full color sheet. Used primarily as a parts and painting instruction sheet
Decals: None included - there are no discernable markings on the CGI Model, so no markings needed.
Molding Quality: 9 - pretty darned crisp, with only some very minor mold seams and pour stubs that were easily removed on my review sample
Detail: 10 - Nicely detailed
Accuracy: 10 - Looks accurate based on the reference material found online at Ex Astris Scientia - no discrepancies noted.
MSRP: $34.95 USD (~$35.46 CAN/ € 25.67 EUR) available from Starship Modeler
Overall Rating: 9.5 - Very nice kit that needs very little cleanup work

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Newcomer to the garage kit manufacturing scene Delta Quadrant Models is back with his second offering, the Surak-class Vulcan Cruiser from Star Trek: Enterprise. Our initial glimpse of this design was way back in 2001 during the first season of Enterprise (as it was originally called). Designed by Doug Drexler, who also built the CGI model, it was meant to give a distinctive look to Vulcan ship designs, as well as give it something of a "retro" lineage based somewhat off of a design for a Vulcan ship - the T'Pau and several sister vessels - seen in ST:TNG's "Unification, Part Two". This spawned several other similar Vulcan ship designs based around the annular warp drive during the run of Star Trek: Enterprise.

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^ What you get

Image: Instructions

This model was mastered and cast by Gizmotron Models for Eric at Delta Quadrant, with the master having been "grown" from an original CGI model. It's highly accurate based off of images shown at Ex Astris Scientia, as well as those shown at Doug Drexler's Enterprise ships page at The Drex Files.

What I Got

The review sample kit I received came packaged in a nice, oversized box packed with shipping popcorn. Inside are parts in ziploc bags, including the boxart and a print out to act as an instruction and color paint guide. No markings are found on the ships from the Vulcan High Command, so none are included with the kit itself. You get a total of six (6) resin parts, which includes main hull, two annular warp engine halves and three maneuvering thrusters. No base is included.

The casting was done by Gizmotron Models. The resin appears to be the standard light grey resin that we get from Gizmotron. The parts have only a touch of flash. Very little in the way of some seam lines are apparent, and what little bit is easy to take care of with a bit of Xacto and sand paper touch ups, making short work of them. I found no voids on my sample.

Detail is crisp and clean, as expected from Angelo's work. We get a lot of subtle raised details on the surface, as well as panel lines. Windows are sunk in to the hull at what appear to be the appropriate areas, as well as the raised detail areas are present. The impulse deck is exactly as seen on the CGI model as well.

Assembly and Finish

I've built up the sample kit after cleaning the pieces with some some Comet Cleaner, rinsed the parts, then cleaned again with Scrubbing Bubbles™ to make sure that any mold release was well and truly gone from the models surface. Just a very little bit of Xacto use and sanding was required to remove mold seams. One seam line is going to requir some additional work to make it further disappear, but it's minor. Loctite™ Super Glue gel works quite well to adhere the parts together and my Tamiya Modeling Putty sticks quite nicely. Rustoleum™ Automotive Primer works well on this type of resin, as well.

Sadly, this goes on the shelf with the other not-finished-models. I don't have a suitable color of red paint on-hand for this build at this time, or I'd have tried to make this a full-on Build Review.


I'm very happy to own this and plan to purchase at least one more at some point in the future. My Vulcan fleet is off to a nice start with this kit - considering there are no other Vulcan ship kits, I guess that's not sayin' much. It does allow me to my small collection of Pre-TOS Ships and I'm holding out hope that we'll one day get a D'Kyr-type Vulcan combat cruiser, as well as anything else Vulcan that's out there and not yet been released in kit form. I can also only imagine that the 1/1000 scale version that is planned for a not-too-distant release should make folks happy, as well.

If you're a fan of canon Star Trek Non-Federation ships, this is yet another to add to your collection from Eric at Delta Quadrant Models. Let's hope for more excellent kits like this in the future!

Many thanks to Delta Quadrant Models wallet for providing the review sample. Manufacturers and retailers, interested in getting your wares reviewed and publicized on a site averaging 6000+ readers a day? Contact us!

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