Jim James' Delta Flyer review.

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LiquidSpace Models' Tiny Delta Flyer

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Scale: 1/678 - in scale with Monogram's USS Voyager - under 1"/ 2.5cm long
Parts: 1 - resin
Instructions: 1 page of painting guide
Decals: ALPS-printed waterslide, by JTGraphics - superb!
Molding Quality: 9
Detail: 10 - Great for the size
Accuracy: 10 - Looks like a Delta Flyer
MSRP: $5.00 , available from Federation Models
Overall Rating: 10 - a great little project to dress up your Voyager

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[This is what you get]

^ This is what you get.

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^ SE Voyager shuttle deck with clear support rod.


^ The instruction sheet is devoted to painting and decal placement.


^ Decals are typical of JTGraphics superb quality.
This is a very nice little (and I mean little) kit I picked up at Wonderfest (as did many others). This replaces the oversized shuttle that was included with R-M's Special Edition Voyager. It's an easy afternoon project.

STEP 1: Find and build Revell-Monogram's Special Edition Voyager - a regular voyager will do but you'll have to figure out where you want to mount the Flyer. The SE has a nice open shuttle bay for the Flyer to be zooming out of.

STEP 2: Drill a small hole in the shuttle bay deck and the Flyer model if you want the Flyer in flight (looks better). I used stretched clear sprue as the support. - a nylon bristle from a hair brush will work too.

STEP 3: Clean up the resin Flyer. Soap and water, alcohol, you know the drill.

STEP 4: Lightly sand the edges of the model - there were some slight rough spots along the leading edges of the wings.

STEP 5: Mount the Flyer model on a rod using the hole drilled in step 2. Stretched sprue or a toothpick works fine and gives you something to hold the model with.

STEP 6: Paint the model - the painting instructions are great. Use Testor's Light Gray overall - it's close enough. The other colors are red, Light Ghost Gray and Radome Tan darkened with a little brown.

STEP 7: Spray the model with Future or Glosscote.

STEP 8: Apply the decals. Take your time with these! They are small and thin. Jeff Waclawski has done a magnificent job producing these. They include all windows, insignia and most panels. They make the model.

STEP 9: Spray a light coat of Dullcote and, why dry, mount the Flyer on the rod on the rear deck of Voyager.

OK, it's really small but it makes a great addition to the Voyager SE and for $5, it's well worth the price.

Thanks to the pocket change I found behind the couch for providing the review sample.

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