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Vulcan Lander Preview

By Justin Miller - images & text © 2002

Scale: 1/350 (?) a guess on my part - about 7"/17.8 cm across
Parts: Two. The ship and the base
Instructions: N/A
Decals: N/A
Molding Quality: 8 - moulding is fine but assembly can vary
Detail: 9 - Panel lines are well represented.
Accuracy: 9 - Looks good comapred to the references in John Eaves The Star Trek Sketchbook
MSRP: Was available from Star Trek Fan Club, but currently out of production
Overall Rating: Recommended if you can find one

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This is the Vulcan lander featured in the final moments of the film "ST:First Contact". The model came pre- assembled and measures 7 inches ( 17.8 cm) across by about 4 inches (10.2cm) tall.

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It came with a Vulcan IDIC base. The model is molded in dark red plastic with grey panel detail. This is a good looking model and one that stands out in the crowd lined up next to my other Star Tek ships.

There are raised and recessed panel detail and the other features like the engine exhaust grilles, central thruster and landing legs are done nicely. The photos show the model as it arrived to me. It looks okay as is, but serious modelers might want to repaint and weather the ship to better represent the filming model. This would be easily done and I might do that someday.

No scale is stated but I am estimating it to be 1/350. I arrived at that by setting the lander next to several models of different scales. It looked sized the best next to some of my 1/350 naval ships. I took a 1/350 Sea King helicopter and set it next to the lander. The doors on both vehicles looked pretty close. There is no actual door on the lander but if you've seen the film you know where it woud be.

If one were so inspired, you could park this ship in a Vulcan landing bay or space dock environment. It could also be placed in a diorama setting on Earth or another planet. The Vulcan "airport" we saw breifly as the Bird of Prey took off in ST:4 has possiblites.

I got this model four years ago from the mail order section of the Star Trek communicator magazine. It was a limited run model, so I don't know how many of them would be floating around out there. If you like Vulcan ships and can find one of these landers, I would recommend it.

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