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WARP's U.S.S. Sutherland (Nebula) Kit Review

By Dougie Bain - Copyright © 1999

Value: 7 standard expensive two kit whammy

Casting Quality: 5 for the money they could have done a far better job

Detail: 9 hard to get totally accurate Nebula specs

Accuracy:9 as above

Parts Fit: 5 loads of filling and resin reshaping!!

Ease: 6 experienced modelers

Instructions: 1 at £60 I expect better than a single cheap photocopy and no paint chart.

Overall Rating: 4+ due to the cost and problems incurred

USS Sutherland conversion is manufactured by Warp. This resin model costs £60 ($97) requires an ERLT USS Enterprise at £20 ($32) in order to complete. So, overall it's quite expensive.

The model comprises primary hull, secondary hull, two impulse ports, two engine supports, two torpedo launchers, pylon support, two doors for the rear of the secondary hull, a sensor mounting, and a four piece upper triangular pod.

You are supplied with very basic instructions and are told to paint as per the USS Enterprise-D. The decal sheet gives you various ship names and registry numbers. Strangely included in this is the USS Yamato and USS Odyssey. You need the Enterprise decal sheet for all the pendants, etc.

The kit requires quite a bit of filing and sanding, especially around all the sensor strips. The pylon support needs a lot of filling to make it fit flush with the underside of the primary hull and to sit flush on top of the secondary hull.

The upper triangular pod is a nightmare. These large resin pieces required three days in boiling water and heavily clamped to finally fit flush. This resulted in clamp damage to the resin so that was another load of filling, filing, and sanding.

You'll need the ERTLUSS Enterprise's warp engines, the bridge dome, the transparent sensor dish, and (as previously stated) the decals. I used pictures of the studio model and various websites to paint and detail the model.

This is a stunning model when you do the work required. In my opinion this extra work would have been unnecessary if a little more attention was paid while casting. I also think that having to buy another kit to complete this one is, in my opinion, a scam. But overall the Nebula class is my favorite Starship of them all, so I had to have her!!!!!

If you do get this model be aware of the problems I incurred. It is also possible that I may have gotten a rogue cast.

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Top View

Side view

Saucer view

A look at the back

Full on back view

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