Kit preview of Federation Models' Romulan Scout .

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Federation Models' Romulan Scout Preview

By John Lester - images & text © 2000

Scale: 1/537 - about 6" (15cm) long
Parts: 6 resin, including stand
Instructions: One small sheet of resin tips
Decals: None
Molding Quality: 7 - many small defects in hard-to-reach places
Detail: 8 - what's present is decent
Accuracy: 8 - basic shapes are dead on, but smaller details are simplified or missing
MSRP: $40 USD, available from Federation Models
Overall Rating: 9 - simple, easy to build, reasonably accurate.


A small ship, with a usual crew of about 70 (though it can be operated by one person), the Romulan Scout was first seen in ST:TNG's "The Defector" (TNG).


^Hull. The area where the wings go needs to be cleaned out before they'll fit.


^ The inset panels (on the left wing, above) are on the topside when the model is done.

[Warp nacelles]

^ Scribing around the front of the warp nacelles is uneven.


^ Base. You'll need to find a rod to mount the kit with on your own.


^ This particular sample suffers from numerous small flaws, all of which are easily corrected. The resin is relatively soft, however, so don't go crazy with the low grit sandpaper.
The basic model was subsequently modified and reused in several episodes (for instance, in "The Next Phase", it reappeared as a "Science Vessel" with the same wings, but new bow and stern modules). This particular kit was one of the first in Federation Models' line of resin ships, making its debut back around 1994. It holds up pretty well today. The ccale is supposedly 1/537, to scale with ERTL Reliant and Enterprise-A.

What You Get

Six resin parts are carefully packed in styrofoam peanuts inside the sturdy cardboard box. One of these is a base; the rest make up the ship. The resin is typical of Federation products: dense, odorless and easy to work with. It appears the mold this particular kit was drawn from was nearing the end of its useful life. There are a number of small bubbles on the hull and warp nacelle detail areas, and it looks like areas on the hull have crumbled. The back side of the bow on this kit is also pockmarked with small pits. Fortunately, the worst problems are in the area of the hull where the wings fit in, so they'll be completely hidden when the model is assembled. Harder to fix will be scribed lines on the bow and warp nacelles. These are uneven and marred by small bubbles as well. The modeler will need a good scriber to clean this up. The wings, by contrast, are almost perfect. There are only a few tiny defects on either one.

There are no assembly instructions in the box, just a sheet with tips for working with resin. This is not a problem if you have the boxart, however. Parts are marked with L and R scribed into the mating surfaces, and it's pretty self-explanatory where they go. The only thing that might cause confusion (if one lacks the boxart or other references) is which wing goes on what side. The side with the two inset panels faces up - that's all you need to know to complete this kit.

The model appears to be a faithful replica of the studio model in most respects. Some details are simplified (the inset panels on the top of the bow and wings should have "greeblies" (small, busy details). That's easy to fix with bits from the spares box, if you really feel the need to go that far.

Assembly & Finish

Assembly should be virtually a no-brainer. Make sure to clean the kit off to remove any film that may interfere with the paint or glue sticking first. Then, clean out the mating surfaces, glue with CA (superglue) and you're done. Carefully sand and test-fit the parts before gluing and there will be no need for putty (aside from filling the pockmarks).

The boxart acurately portrays the color scheme, at least according to the references I have. The ship is an overall medium green (though it looks bluer on screen), with a darker green in the "stripes" around the inset wing panels.


It's an oldie, but a goodie. Assembly is simple enough for even the novice, as is painting. This is a perfect kit for that rainy weekend, or to break the "modeler's block" we all suffer from time to time. Highly recommended!

Many thanks to Federation Models for providing the review sample. Manufacturers and retailers, interested in getting your wares reviewed and publicized on a site averaging 2000+ readers a day? Contact us!

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