Kit preview of MMI's Star Trek (Star Fleet) detail sets.

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Millennia Models International's (MMI)
Star Trek® Detail Sets

By Rob Caswell - images and text © 2000

Scale: 1/1400, 1/72, and 1/670 - varies by set
Parts: Photoetch brass and resin - varies by set
Instructions: Sheet included with each set
Decals: None
Molding Quality: 10 - it all seems crisp and well done.
Detail: 9+ - looks like it's all there.
Accuracy: 10 - to my eye, this stuff looks spot-on
MSRP: $1.50-$10 CAN. Varies by set. Available from MMI
Overall Rating: 9+ - In some cases I wish other details were included in the sets, but what's there is certainly useful. The prices are great. Due to the well-detailed instructions and small parts count, I recommend these sets to those looking to take a first crack at multimedia modeling.

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This preview's going to be a bit different, in that I'm reviewing a number of sets in one article. Earlier this year, MMI released a number of detail sets for ERTL's and Monogram's Star Trek lines. These include parts for the following ships: Intrepid class (Voyager), Danube class Runabout, Ambassador class (Yamaguchi, et al), Galaxy class (Enterprise-D), Constitution Mk. II (TMP Enterprise), and the Miranda class (Reliant).

Most of the parts in these sets are photo-etched brass, though some include resin bits as well. All sets come with a crisply produced instruction sheet (length/size varies by set).


Designed for ERTL's 1/72 Runabout kit, this is the only set that includes both resin and photoetch. The cream colored resin appears to be good quality and shows no pits or airbubbles. The resin parts include replacements for the thruster/phaser quadrants that jut from the craft's sides, as well as replacement phaser strips for the nacelles and Runabout aft. The replacement quadrants include RCS thruster detail.

A single photoetch part is included, replacing the kit's kludgier transporter emitter. A well-illustrated, fold-out instruction sheet makes part application very clear, as well as providing some useful tips for the novice multimedia modeler. All in all, the kit has six parts and weights in at $9 CAN (about $6 USD). It's a fine deal that can add just a little extra spark to an already decent kit.


This is the most minimal of the sets covered here, but it also carries a minimal price: $1.50 CAN (about $1 USD). The set includes two PE parts for ERTL's Reliant (Miranda class) kit: the main gangway doors for the hatch on the rim of the saucer and the round docking port doors for the airlock at the rear of the bridge structure. Both are simple in detail, but improve that found in the kit. The brief instructions have a placement illustration and cover the finer details of applying the parts.


Designed for ERTL's line of Enterprise (refit) and Enterprise-A models, this set is similar to the Miranda class set, above, only it adds four circular docking port doors for the secondary hull. The instructions treatment is also similar, featuring good application details and a simple placement drawing. This set runs for $3 CAN (about $2 USD).


This set is designed for use with ERTL's Yamaguchi or Enterprise-C models. It contains six PE transporter emitter panels, replacing the kits emitter decals with detail that actually has texture. It should be noted that, while you can use these with the Enterprise-C, that ship did not carry exposed transporter emitter panels.

This set is ideal for the novice who wants to get a taste for using aftermarket detail sets. Like all the sets in this series, the instructions are well-written and lead you, step by step, in where to apply the parts, as well as what tools and glues to use.

This set costs for $5 CAN (about $3.75 USD) - a fine deal for the money.


This is one of the most extensive PE sheets in this series. Designed for use with ERTL's 1/1400 Enterprise-D, this set (like the one above) features fine brass replacements for detail that is only represented on the kit by decals. There are nineteen parts on the PE fret. This includes the transporter emitter on the contact surface of the cobra head.

This set does not include an extensive placement illustration, but part locations should be obvious by following ERTL's decal placement instructions. The set sells for $10 CAN (about $7 USD).


This set complement's Monogram's 1/670th Voyager and Voyager Limited Edition. Like the sets above, this one provides PE replacement parts for the kit's transporter emitter decals. Unlike most of the kits above, Monogram's Voyager featured raised emitter panels. These should be removed before applying the PE replacements.

A nice bonus with this set is the inclusion of the four lifeboat panels missing from the back side of the Monogram Voyager upper hull. This saves the time of having to cut replacements from sheet styrene.

What's in this set is nice, but docking ports for the rim of the upper hull would have been a welcome addition, as this area of the Monogram kit screams for that extra bit of detail. All told, this set features sixteen parts and commands $10 CAN (about $7 USD).

Many thanks to Millennia Models Int'l for providing the review sample. Manufacturers and retailers, interested in getting your wares reviewed and publicized on a site averaging 2000+ readers a day? Contact us!

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