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Starcrafts' Sabre-Class Starship Preview

By John Lester - images & text © 2001

Scale: 1/1400 - about 5½" / 14cm long.
Parts: 5 resin (2 tinted) plus base
Instructions: 1 page
Decals: Waterslide (ALPS printed); markings for two ships
Molding Quality: 8 - sharp with only a few bubbles and a bit of mold seam
Detail: 7 - sharp and clean, though some windows appear crooked
Accuracy: 8 - Looks fine from what I can tell
MSRP: $40 US, available from
Overall Rating: 8 -Nice kit, looks like an enjoyable weekend project

[Box art]

Slowly but surely, Starcrafts has been getting to all the Federation ships seen in Star Trek:First Contact®. With this release, only the Norway-class remains un-kitted.

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^ What you get (Sans instructions)


^ Top side


^ Underneath


^ Nacelles


^ Decals
Like all their previous releases, the Saber-class is in 1/1400 scale, enabling one to display it with most of the ERTL Star Trek armada in a consistent scale.

What You Get

Inside the sturdy box are four white resin peices (ship and base), two clear resin pieces tinted red (bussard scoops), decals and instructions. The resin bits are almost entirely clear of defects (as befits a brand new mold!), though I did find a few bubble lurking just under the surface of the hull, and a noticeable mold seam along the back of the hull. The resin is smoother and harder than previous ships I've gotten, though I don't know if that's because the company is using a new resin, or because I bought the last kit last year. The red bussard scoops are almost water clear, and free of bubbles.The base looks a bit small to hold the model up without tipping (not that I'll use it anyway) and you'll need to supply your own brass rod or other support.

Detail is uniformly sharp throughout and consists of engraved windows and raised panels. The only flaws I could find were that several of the windows on top and under the primary hull are a the slightest bit crooked. It's not apparent at all unless you put your eye three inches from the surface of the model, however, so I'm not overly concerned.

A fairly extensive waterslip decal sheet, ALPS-printed by Starcrafts, is provided. Markings, including lifeboats, are provided for USS Yeager and USS Saber, though to do Saber you'll have to cut out the last number on the registry and replace it with the spare provided. The decals are perfectly registered and knowing JT Graphics' quality, I'm sure there will be no problem in using them. Speaking with Starcrafts' owner, I learned that the two upper hull grey panel decals (with the black borders) are slightly long and will have to be trimmed back to fit - the second run of the kit will have this corrected.

Rounding out the package is a one-page instruction sheet. Almost all of it is taken up by diagrams showing decal placement and painting notes.

Is it accurate? As far as I can tell with my resources, yes (but I do not have good underneath views). Some of the detail underneath may be conjectural, but if so, it's convincing.

Assembly and Finish

Assembly should be a no-brainer. The warp nacelles are keyed such that you can't put the left nacelle on the right side, or vice versa. After clean-up, you simply superglue the nacelles on, prep and paint the model, add decals, then clear coat. I'd suggest holding off on the installation of the bussard scoops until everything else is done. After the nacelles are attached you will need to trim down the upper edge of the nacelle pylon - this was intentionally made long to aid in getting the join perfect via sanding, not putty. Fit of the main pieces is superb.


I like it. It's a unique design (something different than saucer and nacelles at any rate), and the kit looks simple enough to be done over a weekend, even for someone as slow and obsessive as myself. Highly recommended!

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