Jim Small's Space:1999 Hawk

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Space:1999 Hawk

By Jim Small

I built this model of the Hawk about twelve years ago, but put the orange colouring on it about two years ago. The model now belongs to Don Hayunga. He bought it from me, and it's seen in his hangar diorama that you may have seen.

I modified the model by adding bits and pieces here and there to make the model a little more accurate, understanding too that I only had a single photograph of the original to go by when I did it!

The Airfix/MPC/Fundimensins kit was apparently based on the smaller (15") of the two scales of the Hawks, both built by Martin Bower for the series. It is rumoured that the company may have borrowed the 15" FX model in the production of the kit, therefore the similarity.

The modifications I made to the kit were as follows. The front ends of the side boosters were rotated slightly to their correct position, the sides of the fuselage saw some "half-rounds" run down its narrowest length, and I added tiny bits of sheet styrene around the neck and the waist. I also added tiny bits of detailing to the flat areas between the main fuselage and the front of the side boosters.

Additional Images:
Right front view

Rear left view

It's Flori!

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