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Scratchbuilding/ Major Kitbashing




Star Trek Modeling Index
--- REVIEWS ---

AMT/ERTL Original 3 Space Ship Set Review
ERTL Ambassador-class
Another Ambassador-class
Cardassian Galor
Cardassian Scout
SFSM Constellation-class
Ravenstar's 1/2500 Cordia-class
OS Coventry-class
Cheetah Productions Daedalus-class
Alliance U.S.S. Dauntless
Lighting the Romulan D'deridex-class Warbird
Building & Lighting Deep Space 9
DS 9's U.S.S. Defiant
U.S.S. Defiant (Spaceboy)
Re-tooled U.S.S. Defiant (Spaceboy)
Tiny Delta Flyer
Endurance-class Conversion (of AMT/R2 Reliant)
Bandai's Lighted NX-01 Enterprise
Improving Bandai's Lighted NX-01 Enterprise
PL's 1/1000 NX-01 Enterprise
Classic Enterprise Out of the Box
Building ERTL's Enterprise Incident
Building Bandai's Enterprise (refit)
Another Look at Bandai's Enterprise (refit)
Fixing Bandai's Enterprise (refit)
Building Polar Lights' 1/350 Enterprise (refit)
Building ERTL's Enterprise (refit)
Building Starcraft's Enterprise-A
Accurizing the Enterprise-A
Building Bandai's Enterprise-E
Starcrafts U.S.S. Equinox
ERTL USS Excelsior
USS Excelsior
Federation-class Dreadnought Conversion
1/2500 Federation Dreadnought
SSM Kit Factory's Detroyat-class Heavy Destroyer
VA Miniatures' Jenghiz-Class
Kazon Torpedo
Lighting ERTL's Klingon Bird of Prey
Classic Klingon Battle Cruiser Out of the Box
PL Klingon Battle Cruiser as Romulan Stormbird
Ravenstar Klingon K'Tinga Cruiser Review
Klingon K't'inga
Odyessey Slipways' Klingon D-4 Predator Review
Ravenstar Klingon D-18 Frigate Review
Convert Skyhook's Future Klingon Warship to Negh'Var
Scratchbuilt Klingon Scout
ERTL Klingon Vor'Cha Review
SSM Kit Factory Loknar Review
Geo Locutus of Borg Review
Manta Battlecruiser
Maquis Ship
FXM 1:2500 Nebula
WARP's Nebula class Review
Ptolemy-class Tug Kitbash
WARP's Nebula class: Another Look
Odyssey Slipways' Norway-Class
Alliance's NX-01 Shuttlepod
Odonata-class Frigate
USS Reliant on a Budget
1/2500 Romulan Bird of Prey
Classic Romulan Bird of Prey
1/2500 Romulan Nova Z-1
Detailed & Lighted Runabout
Species 8472 Bioship
1/2500 Sabre-class
PL Romulan Scorpion Fighter
Ravenstar Scout-class Review
Classic Shuttle Diorama
Probert Designs' Standard Shuttlecraft
StarFleet One Conversion
Delta Quadrant's 1/1000 Surak-class Starship
USS Violator Conversion
ERTL Vulcan Shuttle Review
SFSM Soyuz-class
Romulan Warbird
1/2500 Klingon Warlock
USS Voyager Built
Bandai's USS Voyager
Odyseey Slipways' Winged Defender
Federation's Workbee Review



Polar Lights' NX-01 Enterprise
Sci-Clone's IN-EX Experimental Warp 5 Ship
1/2500 NX-01
Corgi's 40th Anniversary TOS Enterprise
Polar Lights' TOS Enterprise
Starcraft's TOS Enterprise
Starcraft's TOS Enterprise - Another Look
Round 2's TOS Enterprise - Tholian Web Edition
Northstar's refit Enterprise/Enterprise-A
Polar Lights' USS Enterprise (refit) In The Box
Polar Lights' 1/1000 USS Enterprise (refit) Sneak Peek
Polar Lights' USS Enterprise (refit) First Look
Starcraft's Enterprise-A
Starcraft's Enterprise-B/Excelsior Refit
ERTL Enterprise-C
Alliance Enterprise-E
ERTL Enterprise-E
Revell Into Darkness USS Enterprise

McDaniels' Achernar-Class Heavy Cruiser
Starcraft's Akira
Jupiter Station 1/2500 Akira
Odyssey Slipways' 1/2500 Akira
Ravenstar's 1/2500 Archer-class
Gizmotron's 1/2500 Ascension-class
PNT's Avenger and Indomitable Starships
Alliance's Belknap-class Conversion
Gizmotron's 1/2500 Belknap-class
Ravenstar Border Cutters
Nova Hobbies' Breen Attack Cruiser
Starcrafts' Cheyenne-class
Victory Model's 1/1000 U.S.S. Centaur
Gizmotron Model's 1/2500 U.S.S. Centaur
RBM's 1/2500 Chandley-class
TM Lindsey's Constellation-class
Enterprise-E's Captain's Yacht
Alliance's Danube-Class
Alliance U.S.S. Dauntless
U.S.S. Defiant (Spaceboy)
Round 2's Classic Klingon Battle Cruiser
SSM Kit Factory Loknar Preview
1/2500 Delta Quadrant Cardassian Galor
Resin Ranger's Galileo
Nova Hobbies' Gallant-class
Ravenstar's Guardian-class
Starship Modeler's Heavy Destroyer-class
WARP Jem'Hadar Ship
Starcrafts' Jem Hadar Cruiser
Gizmotron Model's 1/2500 U.S.S. Kelvin
VA Miniatures' Klingon Battlecruiser
Gizmotron's 1/2500 Early Bird of Prey (Enterprise)
Gizmotron's 1/2500 Movie Bird of Prey
Gizmotron's 1/1000 Klingon Bird of Prey
Klingon Bird of Prey Positionable Wing Hinge Resin Accessory Kit
Polar Lights' Klingon D-7
Starship Modeler's Larson-class
WARP's Nebula-class Conversion
ASK Models Norway-Class
Nova Hobbies' Norway-Class
Alliance's Peregrine Fighter
Starcraft's Prometheus-Class
Starcraft's Oberth & Corvette
Odyssey Slipways' Raven class
Nova Hobbies' Regula1 Station
Starcrafts' 22nd Century Romulan BoP
Gizmotron's 1/2500 TOS Romulan Bird of Prey
Federation's Romulan Scout
Starcraft's Reliant
AMT/Ertl's Runabout
Starcraft's Saber-Class
Alliance's Saratoga-Class Conversion
VA Miniatures' 1/537 Saucer Mounted Shuttlebay
Probert Designs' Standard Shuttlecraft
Starcraft's Steamrunner-Class
VA MIniature's Stingray Classes
Nova Hobbies' Surak-class Starship
Delta Quadrant's 1/1000 Surak-class Starship
McDaniels' Surya-class Frigate
Cozmo Shipyards' Three (Pre-TOS) Adversaries
Furata Trading Kits
Alliance's Delta Flyer
Alliance's Type 6 Shuttle
Resin Ranger's Type 9 "Speedboat" Shuttle
TM Lindsey's Sydney & Olympic classes
Ravenstar 1/1400 Valdore
Ravenstar Valiant-class
R/M Voyager
R/M ' Mini' Voyager
Alliance Intrepid-Class Starship
Vulcan Lander
1/2500 Vulcan Surak-Class Starship
Odyssey Slipways' Winged Defender


Classic 23rd Century Pistol Preview
Starcraft's All Good Things Conversion Preview
Absolute Models' TOS Enterprise Blank Grid decals
Tetryon 1/1000 Refit Upgrade Preview
MMI's Star Fleet Detail Sets Preview
NorthTrek's Accurate Defiant Bridge Cap
Federation Models' Galaxy-Class Shuttlebay
Galaxy-Class Shuttlebay Installed
Federation Models' Galaxy-Class Warp Nacelles
PNT Refit/1701-A Photoetched Details
Voyager's Small Craft

Star Wars Modeling
--- REVIEWS ---

(Re)Building ERTL's AT-AT
Modifying Revell's AT-AT
Revell's AT-AT
(Re)Building ERTL's AT-ST
Modified AT-ST
A-Wing Build Up
Another A-Wing Build Up
Accurate A-Wing
Battle Droid Build Up
(Re)Building Boba Fett
1/6 Vinyl Boba Fett Build-up
Scratchbuilt B-Wing
Blue Moon's Cruciform Fighter
Death Star Tower Diorama
FR-17 Headhunter
Gungan Sub
Fine Molds' Jedi Starfighter
Fine Molds' Jedi Starfighter
Revell Jedi Starfighter
Revell Jedi Starfighter Part 2
Revell's Lambda-class Shuttle
Revell's ST:FA Level 1 Starfighters
Rebuilt Millennium Falcon and Rebel Transport
Detailed Millennium Falcon
ERTL Millennium Falcon as YT-1300
Accurized Ertl Millennium Falcon
Accurized Falcon Seats
Scratchbuilt Mon Calamari Cruiser
Probe Droid Build Up
Naboo Starfighter Build Up
Modified R2-D2
R2-D2 Cooler
ERTL Slave 1 Build Up
ERTL Slave 1 Build Up
Fine Molds' Slave 1 Build Up
Fine Molds' Slave 1 (Boba Fett Version)
Randy Cooper's Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner
A Deadly Trio
Scratchbuilt TIE Bomber
ERTL TIE/Advanced
ERTL TIE/Advanced
TIE/Advanced Conversion
TIE Challenge
Uglies Challenge
Lighted ESTES Vulture Droid in Walk Mode
ERTL ElectronicX-Wing Build-up
ERTL ElectronicX-Wing Accurized
Fine Molds' X-Wing Build-up
Revell SW:TFS T-70 X-Wing Build-up
Lego "Ultimate"X-Wing Build-up
XJ-Class Conversion
Two-seat X-Wing
Scratchbuilt 1:48 Y-Wing
SMT Y-Wing Build-up
Blue Moon Wishbone Fighter Build-up
24" Scratchbuilt Y-Wing
The Last Mission of Gold Flight

Other Science Fiction & Fantasy Modeling Index
--- REVIEWS ---


Aliens Dropship
Alien Narcissus
Halycon Space Jockey

Battlestar Galactica

Moebius TOS Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica Battlestar Pegasus
Moebius' 1/32 Colonial Viper Mk II
Sci-High's Colonial Viper Mk2
1/48 Viper Mk2 Vignette
Scratchbuilt Colonial Viper Mk 2
Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider
Arvey's Mineral Ship
Arvey's Mineral Ship

Lost in Space

Movie Jupiter 2
TV Jupiter 2


Wilco!'s Commlock
Warp's Eagle Transport
Various Space:1999 Eagles
Super Detailed Space:1999 Eagles
Accurized Space:1999 Eagle On a Budget
Accurized Eagle
Building a 23" Eagle
Scratchbuilt Meta Probe
Working Eagle Landing Gear

Space Battleship Yamato

EDF Andromeda
EDF Patrol Cruiser
EX Cosmo Zero & Black Tiger

Scratchbuilt AGLAZAR Battleship
Pegasus Hobbies' Alpha Centauri UFOs
Lighting Pegasus Hobbies' Area 51 UFO
ID4 Alien Attacker
Aoshima's Airfix's Angel Interceptor
Rebuilding Airfix's Angel Interceptor
UNCL's Angel Interceptor
Monsters in Motion's Athena
Alien Repelling Device
Beer Can Challenge
Black Hole's Cygnus
Building the Black Wind
Buck Rogers' Draconian Marauder
Buck Rogers Rocketship Conversion
Building a Soviet-style Rocket for Filming
Building Skyhook's C57D
Polar Lights' C-57D Starcruiser
Luna Corporation Cargo Shuttle
Stargate Death Glider
Deeks' Evil Emperor's Rocketship
E.V.E. (Exploration Vessel of Earth)
Stargate F-302A
Larson Designs' Firefly
Galactic Cruiser Mk I
Legend of Galactic Heroes' Imperial Wilhermina
SR-43 Hammerhead
Building and Lighting The Hunt Diorama
Sharkit's Jet Speeder Bike
Building Fine Molds' Jiro's Birdplane
Tskuda's Laputa Flaptter
Building R2's Leif Ericson
Glencoe Marsliner
USS Mean Joe Greene
Building and Lighting the Necron Monolith
Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol
Retriever Rocket
Revell Sandworm from Dune
Avatar Scorpion Gunship
MiM Movie Seaview
Polar Lights' Seaview
Space:1999 Laser
Revell Sänger Space Plane
Skyhook Mini-Dioramas
Project Slave 10
SMKF's FS-21B Shrike/Shologar-B
Ultimate Spindrift
MiM's Ultimate Starfighter
Cowboy BeBop Swordfish
Red Dwarf's Starbug
Building the GPI TAC Fighter
UFO Moon Mobile
Mini Model Madness' Valey Forge
Homeworld Vanaar Jet (Paper)
TM Lindsey's Vistor Fighter
Phil Bolton's Unspeakable Creations Pt. 1
When the Future was Black and White Vignettes
SG:A Wraith Dart
Stargate X-304/Daedalus class Carrier

Original Designs

Kitbashed Kaitos Spaceboat
Assault Lander
Escort Fighter
Lycan Scout & Destroyer
Lycan Station
USS Mind's Eye
Star Freighter


Pegasus Hobbies' Area 51 UFO
Monsters in Motion's Athena
Polar Lights' Batplane
Alliance's Battlestar Galactica
Monogram's Battlestar Galactica
Hasbro's Battlestar Galactica Diecasts
Aoshima's Black Ryvius
Alex Creations' Blue Arcadia
SMT's Bubblefighter
Polar Lights' C-57D Starcruiser
Moebius Model's Chariot
Moebius Colonial Raptor & Armament Set
SciFi Models' Colonial Viper
Moebius Colonial Viper Mk2
Sci-High's Colonial Viper Mk7
Sci-High's Colonial Viper Mk7: Another Look
Revell's Cylon Basestar Preview
Miscellaneous Models' Cylon Raider Maquette
Howling Wolf's Cylon Raider
Sci-Fi Models' 1/48 Cylon Raider
Media Collectibles' Dalek Mk 2
Round2's Deluxe Eagle Transporter (Space:1999)
Hasegawa's Pkf 85 falke
SciFi Models' Farscape 1
Stargazer Models' Firefly-class Starship
Alliance's Earth Directorate Starfighter
Polar Lights' Ecto 1
Black Sun X/F-302A
Revell Space Jet Glador
TM Lindsey Gunstar
SMT's 1/48 Hammerhead
Three Hawk Mk9 kits
Warp's 1/72 Hawk Mk9
Fantastic Plastic's Rocketship Galileo
Ugh Models' 1/350 LAC
Round2's Leif Erickson
Retrokit Martian Tripod
Atlantis Models' Monument Valley UFO
Comet's Nautilus
SMT's Patrol Ship
Revell DE's Perry Rhodan Marco Polo
Skyhook Planet Express Preview
Starcrafts' NSEA Protector
Pegasus Hobbies' NSEA Protector
Pegasus Hobbies' Ion Nebulizer & Vox Communicator
Revell Cylon Raider
Moebius' Interstellar's Ranger
BanDai's Cowboy BeBop Redtail
TimeSlip's Rising Star
Moebius Model's Space Pod
Paragrafix PE Enhancements for Moebius' Space Pod
Sharkits' Rocketor/Fliegende Sturmtruppe
Hoto Models' Starship Carrier/Rodger Young
IFactory's Galactic Intruder/Rodger Young
Herb Deeks' Rocketship
WARP's Space:1999 Eagle
Monsters in Motion's Seaview (TV)
Moebius Model's Seaview (TV)
Polar Lights' Seaview
AIMs' Sentry Laser Pistol
Airfix's Shaun the Sheep w/ Landrover
TimeSlip's Space Park/Ring Ship
Polar Lights' Spindrift
Replicas Unlimited's Space:1999 Eagle
Alex Creation's Space Wolf (2d Ed)
Lindberg Starprobe
BanDai Cowboy Bebop Swordfish II
BanDai's Supersylph Yukikaze
Skyhook's The Day The Earth Stood Still
Masterpiece Models' Time Machine
Aoshima 1/144 Thunderbird 1
Konami's Trading Kits
Airfix's TSR-2 Meteor Sweeper
Forge World's Valkyrie
Revell Colonial Viper
Moebius The Voyager
Fantastic Plastic's V-47 Warlock
TimeSlip's Viper Mk7E
Comet's Martian War Machine
Bandai 1/500 Space Battleship Yamato
Academy's Starcrafts Zerg & Terran Marine


Jovian Chronicles Books, Miniatures & Plans
TimeSlip Creations' BSG Upgrade Set
TimeSlip Creations' Cylon Basestar Upgrade Set
Viper Detail Sets
MMI Colonial Viper Landing Gear
MMI Scarlet Viper Conversion
Using the MMI Colonial Viper Detail Sets
Moonbase Viper Rear Engine Detail
Small Artworks' Eagle Lab Pod
Small Artworks' 22"/23" Eagle Lab Pod
Small Artworks' Eagle Authentication Kit
Eagle Decal and HL Booster
Eagle Booster Comparative Preview
Scale Solutions' Rocket Motor SBS #1 Preview
Rebellion's Seaview Conversion
Spindrift Passenger Compartment Upgrade
Wave Option System Preview
Zoids Customize Parts Preview

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