Kit preview of Sharkit's 120mm Rocketor.

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Sharkit's 120mm Rocketor Preview

By John Lester - images & text © 2002

Scale: 120mm -- (~1/15 scale): about 4 ¾"/ 12.1 cm tall when built
Parts: 14 resin (2 versions) plus a resin base
Instructions: You might call them that
Decals: None
Molding Quality: 8 - very little flash and a few minor resin bubbles in places
Detail: 8 - decent for this scale
Accuracy: Not rated - see review
MSRP: $36 USD (~$55.63 CAN/ 37.81 EUR) available from Sharkit
Overall Rating: 8 - interesting and obscure subjectthat should make for a good weekend project

[Box Art - you get your choice]

Sharkit's newest sci-fi release was inspired by the movie "The Rocketeer" ... and a short 1930's German propaganda film called "Fliegende Sturmtruppe". Parts are included to build a civilian "Rocketeer" or a flying soldier.

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^ What you get

[Almost full sized]

^ A closer look at the heads - this image is roughly the same size as the parts

Image: The display base

Image: Instructions, such as they are.

What You Get

Inside the box are 14 resin parts (including two different heads and two different rocket backpacks), a resin display base, a sheet with general instructions and pictures of the two versions assembled, and a Sharkit catalog.

The resin pieces are well-cast, with very few flaws. I found a couple small resin bubbles in crevices, but nothing that would be difficult to remove, and none that ruined any detail. The figure is clothed in a coverall, with jackboots and a harness that holds the backpack on. Detail is decent - the folds of the clothing look natural, the harness stands out from the uniform, and the face looks like a Caucasian male. However, it's not as crisp as I've seen on other 120mm figures, and some detail you'd expect (such as any kind of buckles or fastners on the harness) is lacking. Be that as it may, under a coat of paint this kit will look fine.

You get parts to make two versions. The heads - one helmed, one bare - fit into the upper torso equally well. Each join (head, torso, legs, boots) will require a small amount of sanding and some putty, but nothing excessive. There are two styles of backpacks, as well and fit on their parts is decent too.

The instructions aren't overly detailed ... but that's Ok. This is another "no-brainer" kit, and the pictures showing both versions built are more than adequate.

As for accuracy .... well, never having seen any German propaganda films, I can't say definitely. However, it looks more like a "Rocketeer" than a Chevy Suburban to me, and that's good enough.

Overall Impressions

Sharkit's "Rocketor" is a well-cast, well-engineered little kit that should go together quickly and with minimal fuss. The price is not out of line with what other figures in this scale go for, and it is coming all the way from France .... I'd recommend it to all but the greenest of novice modelers. If you have an interest in the subject, go for it!

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