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Spindrift Passenger Compartment Upgrade Set

By John Lester - images & text © 2003

Scale: None stated - in scale with Polar Lights' Spindrift kit
Parts: 8 polyurethane resin
Instructions: Installation notes and paint guide
Decals: N/A
Molding Quality: 8 - no flaws and little flash
Detail: 9 - crisp and well-defined
Accuracy: Not rated - see review
MSRP: $15.00 USD (~$22.20 CAN/ 14.10 EUR) postpaid, available from Bowman Arts
Overall Rating:

Polar Lights made a lot of modelers happy when they released their reverse-engineered clone of Aurora's old Spindrift from The Land of the Giants. By staying faithful to the original, though, they built in some errors. Lil' Plastic Bits' first upgrade set addresses some of these errors in the passenger compartment.

What You Get

The set consists of six new passenger seats and two window "consoles" for the passenger compartment, plus instructions on painting and installing the pieces.

[Click to enlarge]

^ What you get


There is a template provided for drilling new holes to insert the new seats after sanding off the old seat pedestals.

The pieces themselves are well cast, with no flaws other than some minor flash on my sample. Detail is well defined, straight and consisent. Despite the small size of the parts, the clear definition of detail should make painting the pieces relatively easy. I can't comment on accuracy, as I haven't really studied the subject, but I can say the seats look far better than what the kit comes with.

Assembly should be relatively painless. The window consoles glue directly over the kit shelves. To mount the new seats, you simply shave/sand off the kit's mounting stubs, then drill 6 holes using the template included in the instructions as a guide.


The set itself is nicely done, and should really make your model's passenger compartment stand out - especially if used in conjunction with Dana Huff's decal set. Using it is quite simple, and well within the abilities of any model builder. The only drawback I can see is the price - this set costs almost as much as the kit! It's not an unreasonable price though for what you get ... so if you want to jazz up your Spindrift, I can highly recommend this conversion.

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