Clark Bradshaw's Enterprise 3-set decals.

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1/2500 Decals for Enterprise-0, -A and -D

By Clark Bradshaw - images © 1999
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^Decal sheet 1

^Decal sheet 2

Clark created decals of lights and markings for the ERTL 1/2500 Enterprise 3-set - the first kit, which includes the TOS Enterprise, Enterprise-A and Enterprise-D. He has kindly granted permission for readers to download this artwork for personal use only. Any other use (i.e. selling decal sheets containing these images) will cause this page to be shut down.

The files were drawn in CorelDraw. The cdr files may be opened with any image editing software that has a Corel filter (such as JASC's Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Paintshop. The EPS files can be opened in any image software that supports the .eps file format. All files were zipped using Wn_Zip 6.0 for Windows.

For printing from a color laser printer or copier:
  • Two files in CorelDraw format, with all windows in black.
  • is the file in PostScript format with all the lit windows represented in blue. For those that have the ability to print white, such as with an ALPS printer: is the file with all the unlit windows, lifeboats, markings, etc. in CorelDraw format.
  • is the file for the lit windows in CorelDraw format.
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