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Latest Edition Updates

04/06. Everything has been restored and the bots shown the door.

04/03. So: a couple of things:

The Store has been down since Sunday, Seems we have attracted the unwanted attention of russian bot swarms. Not sure why, other than they can. Wortking on it. Had a deep-discount sale to announce that will have to wait. Also figured out why the whole site is suddenly not appearing like how I made it. Will require an extensive re-write.

This month's wallpaper is based on Mike Lippeth's Foo Fighter - the Polar Lights 'Plan 9 from Outer Space' re-issue of the grandaddy of all sci-fi plastic models (and proof positive you can build a show-stopper from anything, with skill and patience).

03/02. This month's wallpaper is based on Hasegawa's Harpy TR-5 space fighters, from the Crusher Joe animes.

Also, lots of new kits and accessories in the Store - including Monarch's new 1/8 Moon Suit.

02/01. This month's wallpaper is Pig Tank, based on Tasca's Miyazaki Pig Tank model.

01/26. A quick programming note: We'll be out of town next week (1/27 - 2/04) for a wedding - somewhere warm. Maybe we'll even see the sun? That would be nice. All Store orders will ship on Monday, 2/5.

01/02. New Year, new wallpaper: based on Plum's Vic Viper Ver. Gradius IV model.

12/02. This month's wallpaper is Hold the Line, based on Mykel Miller's Bandai SBY:2202 Dreadnought model.

Somehow, September and October's updates disappeared, and I can't find them on this new computer. I know what happened with November (thanks, Keith) - uploaded to the dev site but not the live site. So, anyway, November's wallpaper is new again. I think I have a handle on this new machine and all my various caches of data. Moving forward ....

08/12 Finally figured out why I could not transfer files up to the website, so now the August wallpaper is finally online.

Over in the Store: US Postal Service changed their classes of service late last month, consolidating mpst of the various ground methods into a new class called "Ground Advantage". It was supposed to be "backwards compatible" ... In practice, not so much (if you really want to know why, I can bore you offline). Anyway, the code is being updated this weekend so there will a less-expenive alternative to Priority mnail soon (I hope). I'm also dusting off the UPS API, because why not? (There's a UPS Store not far from me I can drop packages off at).

Stay Tuned!

08/02. This month's wallpaper is based on Jun Cu's Revell-Monogram Babylon 5 model.

07/24 My updates keep disappearing. I've just reposted them - let's see how long they last. Yeesh.

07/03. This month's wallpaper is based on scratchbuilt models, displayed at Wonderfest, by John Douglass.

06/02. This month's wallpaper is based on David Hanners' Rocinate from "The Expanse" (TV show/novels).

Are you going to Wonderfest? If so - print the coupon below and come on down to our table. Can't make it? No worries - everything that's on sale there is On Sale here!

Wonderfest coupon

05/01. This month's wallpaper is Rama, based on Arthur C. Clarke's novel, "Rendezvous with Rama" - the next film scheduled to be made by Denis Villeneuve (keep your fingers crossed!) Model by Mike Walston.

04/03. This month's wallpaper is based on USS Queensland, a Sovereign-class variant, by April Welles.

For those headed to Wonderfest this summer, the Iron Modeler sign-up should be up this week - now on the Wonderfest website.

Also, lots of new kits and accessories in the Store - and more being added this week, including a kit that had been on backorder since 2014!!

03/02. This month's wallpaper is based on Alex Sandstrom's Year of Hell 'Voyager' . I'm actually glad that was just a 2-parter, and not the whole season as had been pitched...

Also, lots of new kits and accessories in the Store - and more being added this week. Stay tuned!

02/03. This month's wallpaper is based on Ceasar Alfaro's Very-not Bandai Gundam

01/08. Had a bit of a health scare this week. Still catching up. I actually had this ready to go .... and then, well. Never mind. All better now.

This month's wallpaper is based on Justin Seitz's 1989 Batmobile.

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