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Homeworld - Vanaar Jet Heavy Cruiser

By Tony Greenfield - images & text © 2007

Scale: Not stated - 16"/ 390mm long when complete
Parts: 5 Sheets of A4 Paper
Accuracy: Looks right to me.
MSRP: How much does 5 sheets of A4 paper cost? available from Paper Starships Forum
Overall Rating:

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^ Major subassemblies

Image: "Parts"

Image: All the subassemblies

Image: Internal structure

Image: Port side

Image: Top view

Image: Left/rear view

Image: Right/front

Image: Closer look

Image: With Qwaar Jet

Image: With assault frigate

+++++ Hiigaran Fleet Intelligence Report ++++

Latest intelligence reports have confirmed the deployment by the Taiidan Imperial Fleet of the Vanaar Jet Class Heavy Cruiser. The Vanaar Jet is the successor to the infamous Qwaar Jet Cruiser that has served with front line Taiidan Imperial and Republican units for over 100 years and throughout the Homeworld War. It is recognised as one of the leading heavy combat units in the galaxy today.

30% larger than the Qwaar Jet, the Vanaar Jet exceeds the weapons capacity of its predecessor mounting four twin cannon heavy kinetic cannon turrets and two twin ion cannon turrets. The ion cannon turrets are mounted on the dorsal and ventral surfaces providing significantly greater coverage than the nose mounted weapons of the Qwaar Jet and eliminating the rear facing blind spots.

With armour, speed and acceleration analogous to the Qwaar Jet, the Vanaar Jet presents a significant threat to the forces of the Hiigaran/Taiidan Republic Alliance.

The Model

Fans of Homeworld and Homeworld 2 may be unfamiliar with the Vanaar Jet which has been specifically created for the Homeworld: Requiem Wars game mod.

This is a paper model, created by Enterprise E at the Paperstarships forums. The model was provided in .pdf format and the finish ship is 39cm (16inch) long. It was printed onto 120gm matt white coated paper using an Epson Photo R200 printer set to maximum print quality. It is in scale with the existing paper model of the Qwaar Jet Heavy Cruiser paper model (also designed by Entererprise E)

Build time was about 12 days (but Im a slow builder) and this was my first build up of this particular design. As such there are a number of wrinkles and distortions ion the finished model that will be eliminated in subsequent builds.

The major bonus of this model (and indeed most paper models) is the low cost of parts (a half dozen sheets of paper and ink) and the option to build as many as you want or need. Paper models are also an excellent base pattern for scratchbuilding a model from styrene, wood or other materials.


The Vanaar Jet is an ideal choice of model for a breath of fresh air if you are bored with Star Wars, Star Trek and the rest.

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