ScaleMaster Scale Calculator utility.

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ScaleMaster Scale Calculator Utility

By Stephen - program & text © 2002

ScaleMaster is a scale calculation program. You can use it to compute the scale, subject size, or model size. As long as you know two of these variables, you can calculate the missing value. Values can be entered in either Metric or Imperial (English) units, and you can choose that the output be displayed in either Metric or Imperial units. The results are rounded to 2 decimal places, which is enough precision for most rulers. The scale can be determined by knowing both the subject and the model size, and the scale can be calculated to 2 decimal places or rounded to the nearest whole number. There is also a capability for calculating a subject that is smaller than the model (such as models of insects).

You can access ScaleMaster instructions at any time from the menu. They appear in a separate window.


The application consists of a single file named ScaleMaster.exe which can be stored in any directory, even on your desktop or start menu, on a PC running Windows 98 or better.

Click here to download - 18 kB zip file containes ScaleMaster.exe (this file has been swept with Norton Anti-Virus with definitions current as of 19 March 2002)

From the Programmer:

This program was built by a modeler for modelers, so feel free to distribute it to any modelers you may know! Any comments about how the application works or suggestions for any future upgrades can be sent to

New - I've added a Scale Conversion form that allows you to take a measurement in one scale, provide the scale you wish to convert to, and get your measurement in the new scale.

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