Michael Dentzer's Space: 1999 Hawk.

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Space: 1999 Hawk

By Michael Dentzer

[Beauty shot]

[And another]

[Side View]


This is the old Airfix Space:1999 Mark IX Hawk that I built 23 years ago. It has been one of my prized possessions many years and one of the few childhood models to have survived in my collection. It has a new paint job using Testors MM Flat White as a base coat and accented with Testor white, black, and red flat enamels, and silver for the engine exhausts. The only physical modifications I made to it were using lengths of half-sprue along the side fuselage to give it a more accurate look and to hide the only seams I couldn't easily fix.

This model was a snap to build and all the parts fit together well. I used the paint scheme originally used in the episode "War Games". This was the way Martin Bower painted the studio model before it was changed after someone viewing the original footage thought it looked too much like an Eagle and had the model department paint large sections orange for reshoot. I did very little weathering on the craft as this was not a moon based ship and so would not have been exposed to moon dust like the Eagle. Also, this being a military vessel, it would be more meticulously maintained than the "workhorse" Eagles.

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