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USS Seebee

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By Brent Byerly

This is the USS Seabee. She was the flagship of the "Starfleet Construction Force" during the Earth/Romulan war. Wherever anything needed to be built or repaired, she or one of her sister ships would go.

The Idea Behind the Build: In 1942 the Seabees (US Naval Construction Force) were formed. Simply put they are a force of construction workers that can not only build in war zones but can also hold their own in a fight. My model is in homage to this elite group of men and women.

Details: The model itself is slightly different from my previous builds. I've always used wood as my primary material but a good friend gave me a stack of scrap MDF board and I thought I'd experiment to see if it would be a good modeling material. I found that it cuts smooth and has no grain pattern making it ideal for my type of model. It was an enjoyable project and I'm pleased with the result.

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