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Black Omega is the name of an elite squadron, crewed by members of the Psi-Corps. Founded and led by Alfred Bester, they are answerable only to the Earth Alliance president. Black Omega is often used for covert and political assignments.

  • An overhead shot of a Black Omega fighter from "Mind War".
  • A closeup of the Black Omega squadron markings, also from "Ship of Tears".
  • Psi-Cop Alfred Bester, showing the Psi Corps logo on his helmet. Good interior cockpit shot too ("Ship of Tears").

"Ship of Tears"
"Phoenix Rising"
Black Omega Fighter


Like modern heads of state, the Earth Alliance President travels in a specially configured transport - in this case, Earth Force One. Fighters from a specialized wing equipped with top-of-the-line Starfuries ride shotgun whenever Earth Force One gets underway. Good as they are at deterring/destroying external threats, however, they can not protect against sabotage ... as President Santiago found out off Io.

  • A rendered shot seen from slightly ahead and above. Not all markings are present.
  • Another shot, this time flying escort for Earth Force One in "Survivors".

"Messages From Earth"
Presidential Escort Fighter


This is the fighter Sinclair was captured in at the Battle of the Line, over a decade before he was named commander of Babylon5. Presumably, it's an older model 'fury - one would assume Earth Force has continuously upgraded their fighters, just as modern militaries do.

  • Battered but unbowed.
  • Bottom view; note the EA flash of the starboard wing, and the way the yellow/black stripes wrap around the leading edgeof the upper wings.
  • Dodging Minbari fire.

"In the Beginning"
"And the Sky Full of Stars"
Sinclair's Line Fighter


Mitchell was Sinclair's wingman at the Battle of the Line. He broke formation to engage the Minbari and was the first in Sinclair's squadron to be splashed.

  • Sinclair's wingman, Mitchell, at the Line.
  • Mitchell about to be toasted. Note the white and black tiger stripe markings.
  • Mitchell breaking formation.

"In the Beginning"
"And the Sky Full of Stars"
Mitchell's Line Fighter


The Starfuries illustrated above have been covered in enough depth and have appeared with sufficient frequency to warrant detailed treatment. However, our collection contains many more that have appeared in the series, such as the 'UFO' that tumbles into Ivanova in 'Severed Dreams' (seen below - operating from one of the cruisers which attacks Babylon 5, in that episode). We will continue to post more schemes as we get enough reference material.

  • Unknown craft on collision course with Ivanova.
  • A split second before the bang.
  • Closer view of tumbling ship.
  • 'Fury from below, showing launch rails and EA flash (from the original PTEN promos).

Unidentified EA Starfury

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