William Blackmore's scratchbuilt maintenance tug.

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Scratchbuilt Maintenance Tug

By William J. Blackmore - images & text © 2000

[Front Perspective]

[Lil' guy]

In the Bab 5 universe, space battles, cargo handling, and ship assists sometimes require a little help from the small fleet of MaintenanceTugs stationed aboard various space craft and stations. Their main function is the handling of items like large chunks of debris or cargo too large for standard Maint. Bots or other service craft.

This model was made entirely from scratch, except for the cockpit tub,canopy, small engine nozzels and thrusters, which came from a Starfury kit.

I scratchbuilt the main trusses that support the engines from .020 styrene. The top and bottom of the trusses are actually brass ladders from an old ship model kit. I built the main body of the ship from .060 styrene by measuring, cutting, and gluing it around the cockpit tub. I finished the cockpit interior as described in the kit's instructions.



[Not top]


I treated the landing gear the same way. I used .030 styrene here with 3/32" Aluminum tubing and some old model railroad wheels ( sanded down to a flat surface on one side) for the pads.

I used styrene square stock for the boxes inside the trusses, and lengths of solder for the piping, and some old aircraft bombs for the tanks. The arms and claws were done out of my scrap box. I detailed the "goodies" in the back panel from the parts box too. I believe I used the panel that sits behind the pilot in the Seaquest Stinger kit for that part, along with some other tidbits.

I painted the model with MM Chrome Yellow and lightly hit it with spots of Testors Zinc Chromate. I used some of the Starfury decals and some others from a few different aircraft kits. The model was weathered with pastel chalks and sprayed with Dullcote. I attached the canopy with Micro Scale Krystal Kleer.

Clockwise, from bottom right:

  • Rear persepctive view (yup, that's the decking from the Seaquest Stinger kit)
  • Closeup look at the starboard fuselage side
  • The claw! The Claw! - closeup of arms and cockpit
  • Bottom, top and rear views
  • Front view; at seven inches, this baby is the same size as the Starfury kit.
  • Front perspective, showing the landing gear and trusses to good effect.

  • [Side view, closeup]

    [Rear perspective]

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