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Trying to Escape a Worm Attack

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by Benoît Jean

Scale: Not stated

The Dune movie from 1985 had (in my opinion) a better Spice Harvester design than from the Dune miniseries.

This project had started back in 1986 and was never finished. I could say this was a challenge for myself where I wanted to do some tests with all kind of material and airbrush painting. The diorama depicts a moment when a Spice Harvester is trying to flee from an attacking worm.

The worm and the harvester are 100% made from balsa wood. The harvester is only ¾” long. The base of the diorama is styrofoam with plaster poured on the surface, the wooden brown base is turn on a lathe.

Image: From the front

Image: Another look

Image: Size comparison

Image: Another look

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