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Sponsor's Award
Jupiter-C KIT 04 
Swift SCRATCH 04 
TTA Spacewreck DIO 17 
(Box Stock, Accurized, or Limited/Commercially-Available Conversions)
firstplace.jpgThe Time Machine KIT 01 
I Am Ironman KIT 19 
(tied)FRX-99 Rafe UCAV KIT 28 
thirdplace.jpg (tied) Venator-class Republic Cruiser KIT 03 
FOURTH PLACE -- Trade Federation Tank KIT 24 
FIFTH PLACE -- USS Columbia NX-01 KIT 14 
Surak-class Starship KIT 02 
Jupiter-C KIT 04 
R3-V3 KIT 05 
USS Pittburgh KIT 06 
Sith Starfighter KIT 07 
I.K.S. Da'Nal KIT 08 
Cuddles KIT 09 
USS Enterprise KIT 10 
T-16 Skyhopper KIT 11 
Death Head Viper KIT 12 
Orion III KIT 13 
B-Wings KIT 15 
Jedi Starfighter KIT 16 
Valdore KIT 17 
Federation Pursuit Ship KIT 18 
Obsidian Glory KIT 20 
USS Saber KIT 21 
TIE/Phantom KIT 22 
Klingon Destroyer Cha'Do KIT 23 
Bell X-1 KIT 25 
Rescue at Mustafar KIT 26 
Millennium Falcon KIT 27 
Sandspeeder KIT 29 
Scratchbuilt and Kitbashed Entries
The GlassDragon SCRATCH 18 
secondplace.jpg Swift SCRATCH 04 
The Longest War SCRATCH 28 
FIFTH PLACE -- Boilerplate SCRATCH 27 
Faucet Fighter SCRATCH 01 
FWS (Falling With Style) SCRATCH 02 
Fleetwwod MAX SCRATCH 03 
Castor Star System - Serpent Class Fighter SCRATCH 05 
Advanced Omega- class EAS Conquest SCRATCH 06 
Battlemech SCRATCH 07 
TOS Viper Mk 7 SCRATCH 08 
Spock of Borg SCRATCH 10 
Deora Class Scout SCRATCH 11 
Republic ARC Heavy Support Dropship SCRATCH 12 
Age of Discovery SCRATCH 13 
Wampa SCRATCH 15 
Factory That Makes Miniature Models Of Factories SCRATCH 16 
Coast Guard Hover Bradley SCRATCH 17 
Final Fantasy-Style Airship SCRATCH 20 
Separatist Privateer SCRATCH 21 
Ard Mour's Pod Racer SCRATCH 22 
Horus Landing Craft #432 SCRATCH 23 
FOURTH PLACE -- Interstellar Queen MK1 SCRATCH 24 
Labyrinth Worm SCRATCH 25 
Aoife SCRATCH 26 
Asteroid Ore Miner SCRATCH 30 
Taiidan Gunship SCRATCH 31 
RotJ Lightsabre SCRATCH 32 
Dioramas, Vignettes and Collections
Tumbleweed Tank DIO 11 
Bioshock DIO 02 
Searching For Long Range Comms... DIO 05 
FIFTH PLACE -- How's It Goin'? DIO 19 
All this technology, and no sign of my banknote... DIO 01 
Graffiti Ticket DIO 03 
Trying to Escape a Worm Attack DIO 04 
Star Trek DIO 06 
First Flight DIO 07 
First Men on Mars DIO 08 
Easy ... Raider DIO 09 
Just Glue It! DIO 10 
Asteroids Do Not Concern Me, Admiral DIO 13 
To Eat or Not to Eat... DIO 14 
Imperial Pursuit DIO 15 
Imperial Warhound Titan Wreck DIO 16 
TTA Spacewreck DIO 17 
Escape from Dark Forest DIO 18 

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