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Searching For Long Range Comms, Signal Failure For Long Range Comms

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by Benoît Jean

Scale: Not stated

The Moon movie was a pleasure to watch, mostly because new science fiction movies of that style are pretty rare these days. When I saw the moon buggies, I was very tempted to make one for myself… so I did!

The diorama depicts the moment when the two Sam Bell are finding all the jamming antennas. This buggy was supposed to be number 3 with the back crane, but I started this project a little too late so it became number 1 even thought number 1 was never close to a jamming antenna since it crashed with a harvester In the beginning of the movie.

The moon buggy and the jamming antenna are all scratchbuilt. The base of the buggy is made of maple veneer with balsa for the wheels. The black widows are made from old VHS tape. Piano wires are used for the antennas.

I had drawn decals, but did not have time to put them on the buggy.

I've built the base from styrofoam with plaster covering all the surface. It was later airbrushed with multiple shades of gray. I've turned the wooden base on a lathe, but was a little late for entering the contest so it is not well sanded and varnished.

Image: Overall

Image: Front view

Image: Side

Image: Other side

Image: Bird's eye

Image: Buggy

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