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Obsidian Glory

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by Jay W. Frizell

Scale: 1/1400

This model was built with the stock Cardasian Galor class kit with a four piece add on kit to create the Keldon class Obsidian Glory. The kit is in 1/1400 scale and took several weeks to complete. After building the "stock" kit, a base coat of paint was applied to completely cover the areas which would be difficult to reach once the add ons were completed. The resin Keldon parts were then assembled and four more coats of yellow paint were applied to cover the model completely. Detail painting was all done by hand then the base overcoat of sealant was applied.

This was my first plastic/resin combination which came out well especially displayed next to the Galor class ship. The Obsidian Order maintained a fleet of this class vessel in defiance of the Central Command, but were rarely seen which makes this a great addition to a starship collection. It was a lot of fun to build and helped to increase my modeling skills.

Image: Left/front view

Image: Top

Image: Port side

Image: Closer look

Image: Another look

Image: Left/rear

Image: Right/rear

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