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Tumbleweed Tank

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by Jim Leach

Scale: 1/35

This entry depicts the concept TUMBLEWEED TANK approaching a trench with the support of ground troops! The idea came from a web site I stumbled across. The tank is constructed out of a 4 inch diameter clear Christmas ball, ABS fins, aluminium tubing for the guns and topside mortar, polystyrene (from garage sale signs), deodorant roller balls for the turrets and brass tack heads for the rivets. As for the soldiers, they are airfix WW1 infantry with Tamiya gas masks and bayonets painted accordingly with Testors acryl paints. The base is florists foam covered with scenic plaster, twigs for trees, Verlinden barbed wire, and jumbo paper clips for the wire pickets. All of the sand bags are super sculpy.

Image: Left side

Image: Right side

Image: Front

Image: Back

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