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by Nicholas Sagan

Scale: 1/96

These are painted in the Gold Dagger and Black Dagger color schemes from the Rebellion comic series. The B-Wing is a favorite fighter design for me and it was nice to see a new canon deco come out, at least in the Expanded Universe of comics. While I can enjoy the creative process of designing a new scheme for ships, there is a certain entertainment and enjoyment out of recreating one that has already been established AND this was one that I hadn't seen anybody do yet.

The building of these was pretty much straight from the box with no added tubes or styrene or lights of any sort. Plain and simple. I didn't have any scans of the comic that featured this design but I did have Hasbro's Titanium Series version to work from. Once everything was painted and assembled I used a good old box of matches and an Exacto tool to do the weathering. So far this is only half the squadron. Hopefully I'll round them out to 4 while escorting an Imperial Shuttle...

Image: S-foils in attack position!

Image: Closer look

Image: Midships

Image: From behind

Image: Weaponry

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