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Taiidan Gunship

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by Sam Hoskins

Scale: Not stated

In the last days of the old Taiidan empire the Gunship Corvette was developed for lone wolf missions and border patrol. Due to the nature of its missions it was equipped with as many weapons as possible and as many divers as possible. It was equipped with four different mass drivers including the main 5 barreled medium mass driver and a side heavy mass driver. It was equipped with missiles that are housed in a magazine located in the center fuselage. 10 missiles can be housed at once. It is the only corvette to be equipped with a hyper drive. Crews where self sufficient since they where away for so long in space, and they where viewed as odd balls among their comrades. Finally the ship was not painted in the standard red and yellow but painted in a subdued grey color scheme.

I have been a fan of the Home World series and I have wanted to build a model of one of the ships for some time, particularly a fighter or a corvette. I found a picture of a Taiidan Gunship built out of Legos; the ship was a piece of art that was released to the public by Seara but never made it into the game. It was so cool that I had to try to build it. So I barrowed inspiration from the Lego model and the drawing and this is my take on it. I used .75mm evergreen plastic as the main material and a glue known as Bond 2.

Image: Rear view

Image: Detail

Image: Underneath

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