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How's It Goin'?

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by Nigel Rostance

Scale: 1/144
The pilot and gunner from the AMX-009KZ Driessen "Kaiser" are taking a short break and having a chat with the pilot of the Recon Walker Heuschreke. This mobile suit is highly modified and requires a designated operator to operate the large cannon. Extra ammo packs are carried on the shoulders. The left arm has a smaller cannon if something gets too close. The scout is unarmed and built for speed and gathering intel. It runs ahead of the large mobile suit to acquire targets and then get out fast.

This diorama started life as a 1/144 ZZ Gundam kit. I bought the original issue Driessen kit way back in 1986. It was primarily a build as you go with only a vague idea of the finished product in mind. As you can see from the naked photo, not too much of the original plastic remains. Parts from many different decades and kits found their way here, as well as some scratch parts and a few trips to the Dollar Stores! The "Heuschreke" was cobbled together from the parts box. Traditional model construction techniques were used, and weathering was achieved with washes and pastels.

Image: Front/above view

Image: Left side

Image: Higher

Image: Rear

Image: Right

Image: Before paint

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